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It's not often I get starstruck, or tongue-tied. I'm a chatterbox to the nth degree and mostly operate like Marcia Brady seeing people in their underwear when facing an intimidating audience.

Sure, I fell apart into a total Oh Dana mass of goo when I met the (amazing gracious) Rhett Miller years ago. And I barely held it together when I met Stephin Merritt at an 826 event at Bumbershoot a couple years back.

But it's all good, cause a few butterflies in the tummy can feel delicious.

The butterflies are all tied up again today, because Liz and I just found out some very exciting news: On Wednesday night, imaginary liz and I will be special guests on Luke Burbank's amazing radio show, To Beautiful To Live (or TBTL, as the kids like to call it).

I feel nervous and giddy and WOOTy all over!

You can listen to Liz and I be two bros, bro-ing it up this Wednesday night, April 1, at 9p, where we will be hanging out for AwesomeNotAwesome and talking about our (definitely awesome) show at the Crocodile this Saturday!