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Sean Nelson and Dave Depper

{Photos: Victoria VanBruinisse / Ashley Anthony}

As you are already aware, the Pacific Northwest is a breeding ground for amazing songwriters. One afternoon perusing the archives of the EMP or one evening bar-hopping the clubs of Capitol Hill proves as much. But, we are also lucky enough to have a slew of artists who can take a batch of proven songs and cover them in a way that infuses a whole new life and energy into them. 

On Tuesday, May 10th one of Seattle’s finest {Sean Nelson} and one of Portland’s finest {Dave Depper} will each take to the Crocodile stage
to re-introduce us to the songs of a couple of heros and we have a pair of tickets to the show to giveaway. To enter, email tig @ three imaginary with the subject line UncleAlbert before noon on Friday, May 6th.

Opening up the night is the always lovely and talented, Sir Sean Nelson performing his famous Nelson Does Nilsson tribute set. The only thing more beguiling than Sean dressed in his finest suit, is Sean evangelizing the brilliant song-smithing of Harry Nilsson.

Headlining the evening is Mr. RAM Project himself, Dave Depper, a Portland renaissance man who plays a variety of instruments with a variety of bands {to namedrop a bit: Loch Lomond, Norfolk & Western, Musee Mecanique, Blue Giant}. Last spring (of 2010),  Dave embarked on his first solo effort with an ambitious project: re-recording Paul McCartney’s critically acclaimed album Ram, part by part, at home, all by himself, in 30 days.

The story goes, “having only one microphone, Dave recorded each part and drum individually. One song at a time, bit by bit, the record began to come together. Adding to the fun, fellow Portlander Joan Hiller charmingly performed Linda McCartney’s prominent harmony vocals.” Dave met the 30 day goal and on May 3, the RAM Project album will be released on Portland’s Jackpot records. 

To celebrate the release, the RAM project will be performed only a handful of times – three to be exact, two in Oregon and one in Seattle.  The May 10th show at the Crocodile is sure to be an evening of whip-smart notes {musical and banter-wise}… and you can see it all for free!!! {If you have a short attention span, see earlier note about how we’re giving away tickets.}