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I read the Gothamist and LAist blogs because I live in New York and LA, and I also read Seattlest sometimes. Today I found this wonderful tidbit of information: you can enter to win free tickets to the 826 Seattle benefit by going here.

If you don't know what 826 Seattle is, it's part of Dave Eggers' (author of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius) network of nonprofit organizations across the country that promotes literacy and education and offers homework help to young students. Dave Eggers does these benefits every year, and they bring literary and musical figures together; apparently Colin Meloy was at the Seattle one last year. I went to the LA benefit in 06 just to see Jenny Lewis and the evening was well worth the money.

This year in Seattle it's hosted by John Roderick, and Rosie Thomas is performing.

It would be cool if someone from TIG wins the tickets! Deadline is Monday.