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We are super excited to be featured in the April, 2012 edition of City Arts Magazine!!!  For such a fine publication to take time out of its busy schedule to write something about our 10th anniversary… well… we're beside ourselves. Mark Baumgarten has earned a lifetime supply of imaginary hugs!

Unfortunately, City Arts wasn't able to allot multi-page spread to include the behind the scenes skinny on who we can really thank for making all the imaginary magic happen everyday.  You probably already know these staggeringly wonderful superstars, but I'd be remiss if I didn't shout out to my imaginary co-conspirators: Amie Simon and Victoria VanBruinisse.  It's fair to say that absolutely nothing would happen in the imaginary world without them.  It's also fair say that I would be a much lesser person without them.

Our amazing, steadfast, and kind calendar editor, Jason Doctor, has kept my favorite part of the site, our kick ass show calendar, up to date and packed with details for nearly all 10 of our imaginary years. My planner pants self would be lost without him (and his brilliantly dry wit).  I could go on for hours about Chris Estey. The fact that we've published thousands of his insights and opinions on Three Imaginary Girls over the years makes me beam with pride. If you haven't met him in person, can you believe that he's as sweet as he is clever?

And all of the amazing friends that volunteer their time and enthusiasm to keep the imaginary dream alive; Three Imaginary Girls is the luckiest website ever.  Reading the City Arts' article really made my day, mostly because it's given me a reason to tell all these folks (and YOU!) how much I adore them (and YOU!).

While we're lovefesting, if you have a Three Imaginary Girls-related memory to share with us for publishing in the Imaginary Zine, send it my way (liz @ Three Imaginary Girls . com) by end of day tomorrow!!!  Feel free to include mention of your favorite imaginary article, too!