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On our latest visit as guests on KEXP's Audioasis show fell on a beautiful sunny Seattle Saturday {July 9th}. Abe Beeson was our host for the early evening set which featured the debut of a couple exclusive tracks as well as tracks from as far north as Vancouver to as far south as Portland. Our next appearance will be Saturday, August 6th. Listen in!

{7:00} The Salteens — "Time You Have Been Wasting"
This Salteens' track can be found on their album Let Go of your bad days (on Boompa Records) as well as the new Magic Marker Records compilation House Full of Friends. As proven with this song, the Vancouver quintet create sweet melodies across the board that combine all the tastiest pieces of New Pornographers and the Wonder Stuff. We are so proud that we were able to present their most recent show at Chop Suey on July 28th.

{7:04} Slender Means — "Van Gogh"
Slender Means' debut release is almost here! Slender Means' debut release is almost here! OMG the Slender Means debut release is almost here!!!!

Why are we so excited? After over two years of watching great live performances and (not so) patiently waiting, the album Neon & Ruin will be available for all on August 23rd, released by Mt. Fuji Records. Imagine the melodies of the Smiths paired with nummy Richenbacker guitar hooks, making out with the vocals of Rufus Wainright. See why we're so excited?

Thanks to the band for letting us exclusively debut this track.

{7:07} Binary Dolls — "These are My Friends"
Portland trio Binary Dolls caught our ears and our hearts with their quirky Menomena-esque song structures and mangled guitars. And mark this one down, Portlanders: Binary Dolls are playing a FREE show on September 25 at the Doug Fir Lounge. Sweet Jesus!

{7:16} The Withholders — "Anhalt Arms"
It's no secret that the imaginary girls are huge fans of local Seattle band the Malinks.

Now Malinks frontman/guitarist/songwriter/heart-throb Chris Lorraine has formed a new project with his lovely new wife, Shannon. As The Withholders, the pair have formed alter-egos Valbert and Aubrey Smart — and the Smarts have collaborated with local music heavyweights, including producer Johnny Sangster [Mudhoney, the Makers, Dear John Letters], drummer Mark Pickerel [Screaming Trees, Dusty 45's] and bassist Jim Sangster [Young Fresh Fellows]. The resulting album Stay in My Corner is slated for release later this summer (Litrag Records), and features catchy, synth-based pop, moody ballads, and influences from the soft rockin' 70s.

An imaginary record review is forthcoming. Hold yer horses.

{7:20} Argo — "Believing in Love"
We got our hot little imaginary hands on the soon to be released Argo EP. The song we played (Believing in Love) is also available for download on our site. If that's not enough Argo for you, come to their TIG sponsored show/comic book release with Joe Alterio and other local bands Pleasurecraft, Audiopoet, The Seaworthies and DJ Bruce Leeroy at the Comet Tavern on August 5.

{7:25} The Color Bars — "Eliza"
Color Bars — or in MySpace-land, Color Bars — recently transplanted to Seattle from New York City, and immediately caught the attnention of Pete Greenberg, booker at the Crocodile, trendsetter, and imaginary friend. At Pete's good word, we had a listen to their latest release Making Playthings and we're incredibly impressed with their glowing melodies, theatrical keys and horns (think "Killer Queen" era Freddy Mercury), and sophisticated recordings.

While the Color Bars don't have any shows scheduled as this goes to press, they've been playing out quite a bit, so check back to see about future live performances. I know we will.

{7:32} Blackwood Hymnal — "Run with Me"
We received the Blackwood Hymnal demo from Tarnished Records who are putting out their full length later this year. The song we chose is dark and subtle and seductively blends alternative-americana and intelligent headphone music.

That's all we've got for this time. We're already planning for our next setlist, so go ahead and send your local CDs our way. We'll be on the air Saturday, August 6th with Abe Beeson!