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Imaginary Indie Tunes Podcast {November 2006}


Three Imaginary Girls created a series of podcasts between 2005-2010 titled the Imaginary Indie Tunes podcast. Each episode served as a mixtape of our favorite songs for each given month, spotlighting the new releases and upcoming shows. {all currently published podcast episodes}


Here’s a look back on our fourth episode, originally published in September 2006. This episode includes a lot of great artists from Seattle and beyond.

PLEASE NOTE!!! This podcast includes a very naughty set of songs (right there smack in the middle of the episode) so put some naughty-cancelling headphones on the kids and coworkers.


Playlist for November 2006

  • The Hot Toddies
    “Seattle” (self-released EP) {facebook}
  • Racetrack
    “Jumping the Shark” (Demo)
  • Man Plus
    “Sister Says I’ll Love Again” (From the self-released LP We Had No Sex) {bandcamp}
  • Argo
    “All You Say” (Pleasurecraft remix) (Demo) {website}
  • Nicky Click
    “Don’t Call Me Baby” (From the self-released LP You’re Already a Member {website}
  • Voxy
    “Chix with Dictionaries” (self-released)
  • Cars Can Be Blue
    “The Dirty Song” (From the Happy Happy Birthday to Me release All the Stuff We Do {facebook}
  • The Trucks
    “Titties” (from the Click Pop release The Trucks)
  • A Gun That Shoots Knives
    “Every Year” (self-released) {bandcamp}
  • We Wrote the Book on Connectors
    “Gonna Eat Some Cake” (self-released) {bandcamp}
  • The Treatment
    “Invisible Bruise” (debut release on Loveless Records)
  • Fernando
    “Everybody Knows” (From the release Exit to Enter)
  • Tea Cozies
    “Tranciting” (From their debut, self-titled EP) {bandcamp}
  • The Snakebites
    “Everybody Feels It When We Get Together” (From the release Love, Hate, Rage, & Sorrow) {bandcamp}


Produced by Three Imaginary Girls
Engineered by DKB productions

Permission to podcast all music in the Imaginary Podcast has been obtained from the artist and is on file at the imaginary office.

Thanks to the Wedding Present for the wonderful opening riff on each episode.


Argo Fish the Cat Records Imaginary Scoop

Local indie-pop band, Argo, call it quits

Argo.Local band Argo announced today they are breaking up to pursue other endeavors.

Earlier this morning, bass player Jon Wooster stated,

“We’ve had a great time with Argo but feel that it is the right time to hang up our collective spacesuits. The support from this community has been wonderful and we are honored to be a part of it for the last 4 years. We all have other ideas that we want to pursue, the post rock project “the Apes”, solo endeavors, and a new striped down project that is going to start in the fall but won’t be performing until next year. A very special thank you to everyone who came to see us play, bought a record, or requested us on the radio, it has been a lot of fun.”

Their last scheduled show is Sunday at the Georgetown music festival but plans are being made to throw an official going away party.

Argo Bre Loughlin Imaginary Scoop Ms. Led Spanish for 100 Sunset Tavern

Tonight's Recommend Show: Ms. Led/Spanish For 100/Argo/Bre Loughlin, Sunset Tavern

Fish the Cat showcaseThis show is a showcase for Fish the Cat records, a label started by the folks in Ms. Led years ago as a way to put out their own music and the music of their friends. The label has stayed true to this mission, promoting local Seattle bands and helping them get distribution and all that other not-so-fun but necessary stuff that most band peeps don't want to worry about.

Tonight's event highlights same of the Fish the Cat bands with recent or soon-to-be-released records: Argo, Spanish for 100, Bre Loughlin (ex-Daylight Basement and Kuma) and of course, Ms. Led themselves, who have a new full-length due out in June called Shake Yourself Awake. Ms. Led perfectly blend pop-punk music with political earnestness to create tunes that help you rock and shake out your indignations with the world, and as a live act they never fail to please.

Ms. Led will celebrate the release of Shake Yourself Awake officially on June 22nd at the Sunset (and will be touring around the western half of the country between now and then, tour dates here), so why not come tonght to be among the first to hear their latest and greatest first?

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Best Northwest Releases of 2006

Zow — it's been another great year for music everywhere, and a particularly amazing one for music straight outta the Northwest (we hate to brag, but the hometown pride has us beaming!). Thanks to all of you who voted in our fourth annual Best Northwest Releases of 2006 Readers' Poll. As always, we are pleased as punch by all your votes — and humbled to live in a region with such incredible talent.

Best of 2006
Without further ado, our winners!

#50 Mon Frere Blood, Sweat & Swords (Cake Records)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#49 Conrad Ford Don't You Miss Yourself (Tarnished Records)
{website} * {buy}

#48 M. Ward Post-War (Merge)
{website} * {buy}

#47 Head Like A Kite Random Portraits of the Home Movie (Pattern 25)
{review} * website} * {buy}

#46 The Hands So Sweet (Basement Empire)
{website} * {buy}

#45 The Village Green Feeling The Fall (Spin Art)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#44 Skullbot Skullbot (Self-released)
{website} * {buy}

#43 Andrea Wittgens Alibi (Self-released)
{website} * {buy}

#42 Common Market Common Market (Mass Line)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#41 Smoosh Free to Stay (Barsuk)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#40 The Exploding Hearts Shattered (Dirtnap)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#39 Iceage Cobra Brilliant Ideas From Amazing People (Self-released)
{website} * {buy}

#38 Transmissionary Six Radar (Glitterhouse)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#37 These Arms Are Snakes (Jade Tree)
{website} * {buy}

#36 Coho Things Change (Lujo)
{website} * {buy}

#35 Sneaky Thieves Accidents (Self-released)
{website} * {buy}

#34 Harvey Danger Little By Little (Kill Rock Stars)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#33 The Blood Brothers Young Machetes (V2)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#32 The Sea Navy Oh These Troubled Times (Lucky Horse)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#31 Argo Attack of the Firebots (Fish the Cat)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#30 The Blakes The Blakes (Self-released)
{website} * {buy}

#29 Pearl Jam Pearl Jam (Sony)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#28 The Blow Paper Television (K Records)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#27 Central Services Central Services (This…Bodek Music)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#26 Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes (Self-released)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#25 Carrie Clark and the Lonesome Lovers Seems So Civilized (Self-released)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#24 The Purrs The Purrs (Sarathan)
{website} * {buy}

#23 Pleasurecraft This Is A Blackout (Pleasurecraft Music)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#22 Thee Emergency Can You Dig It? (Blue Disguise)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#21 Sera Cahoone Sera Cahoone (Self-released)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#20 The Lights Diamonds and Dirt (Wantage USA)
{website} * {buy}

#19 Patience Please Parallel Plots (Jigsaw)
{podcast} * {website} * {buy}

#18 The Heavy Hearts The Heavy Hearts (Swingline)
{website} * {buy}

#17 Man Plus We Had No Sex (Self-released)
{podcast} * {website} * {buy}

#16 The Snakebites Love, Hate, Rage, and Sorrow (Self-released)
{podcast} * {website} * {buy}

#15 Jeremy Enigk World Waits (Reincarnate Music)
{website} * {buy}

#14 Neko Case Fox Confessor Brings the Flood (Anti)
{website} * {buy}

#13 Racetrack Go Ahead and Say It (Self-released)
{podcast} * {website} * {buy}

#12 Rocky Votolato Makers (Barsuk)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#11 Panda and Angel Panda and Angel (Jade Tree)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#10 The Gossip Standing In the Way of Control (Kill Rock Stars)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#9 Viva Voce Get Yr Blood Sucked Out (Barsuk)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#8 Math & Physics Club Math and Physics Club (Matinee)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#7 The Trucks The Trucks (Click-Pop)
{review} * {podcast} * {website} * {buy}

#6 Built to Spill You In Reverse (Warner)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#5 The Thermals The Body, The Blood, The Machine (Sub Pop)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#4 Band Of Horses Everything All the Time (Sub Pop)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#3 The Long Winters Putting the Days to Bed (Barsuk)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#2 The Decemberists The Crane Wife (Capitol)
{review} * {website} * {buy}

#1 BOAT Songs That You Might Not Like (Magic Marker)
{review} * {podcast} * {website} * {buy}

Thanks to all of you who voted, went out to live shows, came to our imaginary events, read our website, and helped make 2006 another amazing year to be imaginary.

Argo BOAT Daylight Basement Death Cab for Cutie Derby Ghost Stories Live Show Review Pleasurecraft Slender Means Tea for Julie Teenage Fanclub The Seaworthies The Village Green

The Imaginary Live Show Rundown

Has Seattle ever been this hot? And no, we're not talking about the un-Seattle-like broiling temps — we're talking about all the amazing live shows we've seen so far, as well as the great shows we're looking forward to in the coming weeks. Sizzle, I say!

Two of our imaginary highlights of the summer so far both focused on new Seattle record releases: the Math and Physics Club EP release show at Chop Suey, and the Argo EP release show at the Comet.

Argo has long been an imaginary favorite, so we were thrilled to sponsor the release show for their latest EP, The Needs (Ana-Them records). And what an extravaganza the night was! In addition to new Argo music, the night also celebrated the release of local artist Joe Alterio's comic book 365, and featured antics of the Audiopoet, DJ Bruce Leeroy, and the disco-down-ability of local band Pleasurecraft.


The Seaworthies. photo by Breanne Koselke And let's not forget about the Seaworthies. Straight outta Kennewick, Washington, the Seaworthies were the super-cool surprise highlight of the night for me. The boy/girl duet were just wacky and unexpected in the best of ways with their dreamy sort of lo-fi electro-pop. Don't be sad if you missed the show. The Seaworthies be playing at the Slender Means CD release show at the Crocodile Cafe on August 27th {see our recommended upcoming shows, below}.

I sadly missed all that was the Argo EP-release show, but I had a blast at the Math and Physics Club EP release show.

Math and Physics Club at Chop SueyMAPC just released their second EP Graduation Day on Matinée Records, and the show was just another testament to their (incredibly well-deserved and fast-growing) fanbase. Which is my long-winded way of saying: the show was packed, and the atmosphere at the all-ages show was positively jubilent.

Tullycraft at Chop Suey. Photo by Curt DoughtyTIG-fave Tullycraft opened with their hand-clapping sonorous sing-along vocals, and the Salteens from Vancouver closed the night. From the piercing four-part a cappella opening notes of their set (our friend Steve charmingly called them, "tighter than a Bangkok lady-boy"), the Salteens surprised (and thrilled) the crowd with their shit-tight harmonies and stage presence galore. Despite being the only non-home-towners on the bill, the Salteen's managed to keep people out late on a school-night, and earn themselves an encore to boot. No easy feat in these parts…

Our new all-ages friend Justine from Mercurial Sound came to the show and wrote a few kind words about it. In her own words, "Tullycraft sounds exactly like summer would if it had its own album. With perky melodies and guitar riffs, and vocals that sound just like that cute neighbor boy who’s got a surprise, Tullycraft brings out the exact same feelings, for me at least, as games of capture the flag, neighborhood barbeques, and riding the fast rides at the town fair. Okay, I probably wasn’t singing along to "Fuck Me I'm Twee" in my capture the flag days. The feeling though, was the same, and probably more fitting than capture the flag in a 17 year old’s summer vacation."

It's funny 'cause it's true! Do check out Mercurial Sound. It's a great run-down of the all-ages scene in Seattle…

BOATYou'd think that I would spend a bulk of this article talking about how much I cried at the beauty of the Teenage Fanclub show {8/3/05, Neumos}. But actually, that show rather paled in comparison to the Boat show a few days prior {7/29, Mars Bar}. Boat charmed the fairly packed Friday night Mars Bar audience with selections from their limited-edition first album, yet-to-be-released EP and a few covers (including but not limited to Neil Diamond and Velvet Underground songs).

Our posse was so taken by their catchy lo-fi Shins-esque vocals and smart quirky lyrics that we couldn't help but handclap back-up parts from the first and second row positions we had staked out. They combine early Kinks know-how and beef it up with Graham Coxon moxie. The end result is clever, earnest, and damn catchy. Boat even when the extra mile with their construction paper cut-out stage decorations and a drummer with a paste-on moustache.

It has been a while since I have been as excited for a Monday night show than I am for this Monday, August 22nd at Chop Suey {again, see our recommended upcoming shows, below}.

Now that you've finally gushed about your love for all things Boat, are you finally going to tell everyone about your travels now, Liz…?

Holy cow — yes! I just got back from the Athens PopFest. I was there last week for a two-day portion of the four-day festival. It was organized/presented by the swell folks at Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records. Huge thanks to Mike and Eric who really outdid themselves putting together quite the sampling of today's indie-pop community.

I came back with a whole new pile of bands to love, like Fabulous Bird, the Mega Hurts, the French Horns, and the Smittens.

You should read my entire Athens Popfest rundown to learn all about it.

You really should read it. It's the best place I know to meet your newest twee infatuation.

By the way, did you see TIG mentioned in the September issue of Spin magazine? Right there on the first page of the cover story on Death Cab for Cutie?

Okay, so maybe they didn't *spell out*, but I got a qu
ote in there and that is enough for my mom to tell her bridge group about. That's me! "Liz Riley, Deathcab fan."

And in case you live under an indie-rock rock and somehow missed the news, the official word on the street is that on August 30th, Death Cab for Cutie will release their sixth full-length album and major label debut, Plans, on Atlantic Records. Tickets for their Seattle performance at the Paramount on November 18th go on sale this Saturday, August 27th.

Could we be more excited? No. Especially for Liz, world-renown DCFC fan.

Speaking of excited, let's talk about upcoming must see shows. What pre-Bumbershoot shows are you two looking forward to?

As I already mentioned above, Boat is going to be playing with another one of our local loves, the Elephants, and Barsuk's Little Champions on Monday, August 22nd. Rumor has it Boat will finally have some t-shirts and copies of their first and second releases for sale… both of which are fit for display on your mantle. Don't get me started on how those Boat guys know how to wield a glue gun.

Just look at this album art. When was the last time you saw such craftsmanship, I ask you?

I do love me the Boat. I'm also looking forward to the Portland lovefest at the Crocodile on August 25th, with Tea For Julie, Derby, and The Village Green. You should go out to celebrate that three of Portland's finest are making the I-5 northly trek simultaneously.

Dolour. Photo by Nate Manning.On August 27th, you have a dilemma: It's the Slender Means CD release show at the Crocodile. Their debut full-length Neon & Ruin is breathtaking, and their live shows are always incredible. The Crystal Skulls and the Seaworthies are also on the line-up.

But then over at Chop Suey, it's the Fruit Bats album release, with an incredible local lineup rounding out the bill: Dolour, Lillydale, and Ghost Stories. Shane Tutmarc from Dolour told us that this will be Dolour's last show of the year, as they're busy writing and recording, preparing for the release of three (3!!!!) new albums. According to Shane, the show will feature almost all new material too.

It's like, which show's more historically significant? Dolour is hard to resist… but the Slender Means new release is amazing. And both shows have such great supporting line-ups too… especially that Fruit Bats show, with Ghost Stories (great indie-pop from members of Mines/the Joggers), and the lovely Lillydale. It's not like you have much chance of show-hopping. I wish we knew how to guide you on this one, imaginary readers.

Introducing Bre Loughlin's latest project, Daylight Basement. Who doesn't love a green guitar? Photo by Pasha Gross.At least there's no such quandry on August 31st. You must come to Chop Suey to witness the debut of Daylight Basement. The band, which started off as a lo-fi electronic project of Bre Loughlin from Kuma, has fleshed out into the most promising lineup we've heard in ages, featuring Bre (guitar and vocals), Dejha Colantuono from Rotten Apples (bass and vocals), David Bos from the Jeunes (guitar), and Davis Martin from Maktub (drums). Move over, New Pornographers — looks like Seattle has a super-band of its own now!

If that's not enough to get you outta the house, Seattle's favorite dance sibs the Long Ranger and EMI recording artist the Juan McLean round out the bill. Come witness what just might be Seattle musical history in the making {and dance/sweat/party in the process}.

See you at a show, suckas!

Argo Audio Blackwood Hymnal Mt. Fuji Slender Means Tarnished Records The Binary Dolls The Color Bars The Salteens The Withholders

TIG on KEXP for July 2005

On our latest visit as guests on KEXP's Audioasis show fell on a beautiful sunny Seattle Saturday {July 9th}. Abe Beeson was our host for the early evening set which featured the debut of a couple exclusive tracks as well as tracks from as far north as Vancouver to as far south as Portland. Our next appearance will be Saturday, August 6th. Listen in!

{7:00} The Salteens — "Time You Have Been Wasting"
This Salteens' track can be found on their album Let Go of your bad days (on Boompa Records) as well as the new Magic Marker Records compilation House Full of Friends. As proven with this song, the Vancouver quintet create sweet melodies across the board that combine all the tastiest pieces of New Pornographers and the Wonder Stuff. We are so proud that we were able to present their most recent show at Chop Suey on July 28th.

{7:04} Slender Means — "Van Gogh"
Slender Means' debut release is almost here! Slender Means' debut release is almost here! OMG the Slender Means debut release is almost here!!!!

Why are we so excited? After over two years of watching great live performances and (not so) patiently waiting, the album Neon & Ruin will be available for all on August 23rd, released by Mt. Fuji Records. Imagine the melodies of the Smiths paired with nummy Richenbacker guitar hooks, making out with the vocals of Rufus Wainright. See why we're so excited?

Thanks to the band for letting us exclusively debut this track.

{7:07} Binary Dolls — "These are My Friends"
Portland trio Binary Dolls caught our ears and our hearts with their quirky Menomena-esque song structures and mangled guitars. And mark this one down, Portlanders: Binary Dolls are playing a FREE show on September 25 at the Doug Fir Lounge. Sweet Jesus!

{7:16} The Withholders — "Anhalt Arms"
It's no secret that the imaginary girls are huge fans of local Seattle band the Malinks.

Now Malinks frontman/guitarist/songwriter/heart-throb Chris Lorraine has formed a new project with his lovely new wife, Shannon. As The Withholders, the pair have formed alter-egos Valbert and Aubrey Smart — and the Smarts have collaborated with local music heavyweights, including producer Johnny Sangster [Mudhoney, the Makers, Dear John Letters], drummer Mark Pickerel [Screaming Trees, Dusty 45's] and bassist Jim Sangster [Young Fresh Fellows]. The resulting album Stay in My Corner is slated for release later this summer (Litrag Records), and features catchy, synth-based pop, moody ballads, and influences from the soft rockin' 70s.

An imaginary record review is forthcoming. Hold yer horses.

{7:20} Argo — "Believing in Love"
We got our hot little imaginary hands on the soon to be released Argo EP. The song we played (Believing in Love) is also available for download on our site. If that's not enough Argo for you, come to their TIG sponsored show/comic book release with Joe Alterio and other local bands Pleasurecraft, Audiopoet, The Seaworthies and DJ Bruce Leeroy at the Comet Tavern on August 5.

{7:25} The Color Bars — "Eliza"
Color Bars — or in MySpace-land, Color Bars — recently transplanted to Seattle from New York City, and immediately caught the attnention of Pete Greenberg, booker at the Crocodile, trendsetter, and imaginary friend. At Pete's good word, we had a listen to their latest release Making Playthings and we're incredibly impressed with their glowing melodies, theatrical keys and horns (think "Killer Queen" era Freddy Mercury), and sophisticated recordings.

While the Color Bars don't have any shows scheduled as this goes to press, they've been playing out quite a bit, so check back to see about future live performances. I know we will.

{7:32} Blackwood Hymnal — "Run with Me"
We received the Blackwood Hymnal demo from Tarnished Records who are putting out their full length later this year. The song we chose is dark and subtle and seductively blends alternative-americana and intelligent headphone music.

That's all we've got for this time. We're already planning for our next setlist, so go ahead and send your local CDs our way. We'll be on the air Saturday, August 6th with Abe Beeson!

American School of Warsaw Aqueduct Argo Dolour Dorkweed Graig Markel Harvey Danger Hypatia Lake Imaginary Scoop Kane Hodder Lila The Catch The Divorce The Fastbacks The Femurs The Fitness The Jeunes The Ruby Doe The Senate Arcade

*Three Imaginary Girls' Buttrock vs. New Wave Rockstar Karaoke Holiday Bash*

Kick off the holiday season imaginarily with Motley Crüe, Missing Persons, and mistletoe! December 2, 2004 at Chop Suey

We all know that nothing says 'Happy Holidays' like Bon Jovi and Big Country. So, we've rolled them all together and on Thursday, December 2nd, Three Imaginary Girls will present the Buttrock vs. New Wave Rockstar Karaoke Holiday Bash at Chop Suey!

The night will feature rockstar performances by local musicians and celebrities singing their favorite Buttrock or New Wave song. Rockstar performers include members of…

  • Aqueduct
  • American School of Warsaw
  • Argo
  • The Catch
  • The Divorce
  • Dolour
  • Dorkweed
  • The Fastbacks
  • The Femurs
  • The Fitness
  • Harvey Danger
  • Hypatia Lake
  • Iron Composer
  • The Jeunes
  • Kane Hodder
  • Lila
  • Graig Markel
  • The Ruby Doe
  • Megan Seling of the Stranger
  • The Senate Arcade

Of course — in imaginary style — you won't need mistletoe to get lucky. The event will feature dangerous drink specials, John Roderick of the Long Winters as Santa Claus, and a raffle {with prizes from Sonic Boom Records, Vain, Nice Promotions, YUM YUM Records, Jade Tree Records and more!}.

Steve the Karaoke King (of Twilight Exit, Molly McGuires, and the Comet Tavern fame) will serve as KJ for the big event, which means the song selection and the sound system will both be incredible. Need further incentive? Imaginary Karaoke parties always tend to attract surprise guests, including Vendetta Red's Zach Davidson, the Posies' Jon Auer, and the Vells' Tristian Marcum. Merry Christmas to you, indie-music fan!

WHAT: Buttrock vs. New Wave Rockstar Karaoke Holiday Bash
WHERE: Chop Suey, 1325 E. Madison
WHEN: Thursday, December 2, 2004. Doors open 9p. Open Karaoke immediately thereafter.
COST: Only $5 in advance, $7 at the door. Advance tickets available through Ticketweb

Want to find out or relive what happened last year? Check out our Buttrock Karaoke party recap!

And make sure to join us at the PRE-BASH PARTY at Vain to celebrate the opening night of ‘LIVELOUD’, the work of imaginary photographer extraordinaire, Ryan Schierling. The TIG-party pre-funk runs from 6p-9p and Three Imaginary Girls will be spinning tunes to accompany complimentary beverages. More info

Argo Graceland Live Show Review Tennis Pro

Tennis Pro and Argo

I know I've already written about Tennis Pro. I know I've already sprinkled them with loving adjectives like zany and fun but I have news for you, readers — Tennis Pro has new songs! And fun new stage antics! I wouldn't be doing my imaginary job if I didn't keep you in the Pro-know.

My favorite new song features a semi-dirty and ever so catchy chorus in which Phil Peterson {the bass player/singer} states with no regrets, "I'm takin' your mom home tonight." And if that wasn't enough visual for you, at the end of the song he admits, "That song was based on a true story. I wrote it this morning. I'm sure you can put that all together." Twisted. Twisted and oh so good.

Smash that racquet Lead singer and guitarist extraordinaire David Drury asked the crowd during one of their last songs, "Who is going to volunteer to write about us tomorrow in their blog?…" After a moment of silence and no movement he upped the ante with, "Whoever volunteers gets a special treat." After Phil's song about taking someone's mother home, I was a little frightened to see what this Tennis Pro treat involved. A young teenage girl raised her hand and was invited onstage. David gave her a tennis racquet and exclaimed, "During this next song you get to smash the tennis racquet." That's when I wondered why I didn't volunteer. Oh wait, I don't have a blog… does this website count, I wonder?

Special sidenote for David Drury's eyes only: David Drury, I'm writing about your band in my "blog" — I want to smash an official Tennis Pro racquet!!

Anyway, the blogging teenager smashed that racquet into smithereens. I have no idea if she followed through with her morning after promise, but she looked inspired as she annihilated that fine piece of tennis equipment.

argo After the deconstruction, it was time to build things back up again with soothing sounds of Argo. This night's show was a special one for Argo, as it's their last show in their original formation for a while. Scott, the main Fender Rhodes player for the band, is leaving for six months for school and to travel Asia. As a special going away present, he got to write the setlist for the evening.

The first song on the list featured an acoustic, instrumental number. Whilst listening to this nonlyrical song, I realized that listening to Argo is like trying to date a shy boy. He's right there in front of you and you're intrigued by him and his mysterious melody, and you know you'll be smitten with him as soon as you can get some words out of him — it's just going to take patience. By the second song, I had what I was longing for: lyrics. Pretty, pretty lyrics. And Argo embodies everything you'd expect from boys who prefer to keep their words buried: sweet, unassuming, and mysterious.

To complement their soft sound, Argo decorated the stage with vintage lamps. {Yes, like living room lamps.} The warm glow set the stage for intimate conversations without talking; Because in a lot of ways, shy boys are better than the verbose ones. But you must realize to truly get to know the shy ones, you have to spend lots of time with them. This may seem like an impossibility since a main member of the Argo clan is going to be thousands of miles away. Luckily, Argo will still be playing shows in Scott's absence.

American School of Warsaw Argo Chop Suey Dear John Letters Dorkweed Jon Auer Kuma Live Show Review Minus the Bear Ripley The Catch The Divorce The Lawnmowers United State of Electronica Vendetta Red Visqueen Yeek Yak Airforce

TIG's Rockstar Buttrock Karaoke Contest!!

Holy Aquanet, who would've thought that a buttrock event on a holiday weekend could have become such a smashing success?? With surprise rockstar performances, hottie rockstars in black liquid eyeliner, and TIG-endorsed drink specials a-flowin', we had the imaginary times of our lives, and we can't wait to tell you all about it…

But first, special thanks to Unsung: the karaoke indie film, for co-sponsoring this event; to Megan Seling, Matt Nicols, Nabil Ayers, imaginary boy embracey, and Lee Hullender (Unsung) for judging; and to all our FANTASTIC participants for hitting those high notes in such fine style.

A few imaginary moments we'll never forget…

Holy shite, let's jump right in with our grand prize winner: Jenny Jimenez from the Catch. Her dazzling combination of fan kicks, gymnastic-routine splits, wigs, shoe changes, on-the-job-torn fishnets, Lita Ford and Samantha Fox simply rocked everyone's mullets off and earned her top honors. Turns out that Naughty Girls *Do* Need Love Too. Who knew?

If we could bottle the evening's performances of Mz. Jenny, well, not only would we all be very rich… but the world would also be a better, sexier, sassier place.

Thankfully she graced the stage three times throughout the evening. Twice Lita-style and once doing the Miss. Fox song.

Jenny Jimenez. Photo by Ryan Schierling.We ran into Jenny a few weeks before the contest and she told us about how she had been practicing and had her outfit planned out already. It was then we knew that we were in for something big. But again, who knew that she would actually put Lita Ford to shame with her dance routine? It was like some outrageously sexy aerobics class gone very, very wrong in all the right ways.

Many in attendance still haven't recovered. Especially Steve the KJ, who after Jenny's performance, could only stammer the words, "Um, could she do that again, please?"

Whoo-eee. That girl can KICK!

Kuma. Photo by Ryan Schierling.As much as I love the guys in eyeliner (we're getting to that — be patient!), the women owned buttrock. Case in point: Bre Loughlin from Kuma belting Motley Crue's "Shout at the Devil" like she was born with fishnets in hand {hmm, strange mixed metaphor there}.

Bre remarked how strange it was that the front row actually looked scared when she sang. And no wonder: have you seen the lyrics to this song? "He'll be the love in your eyes. / He'll be the blood between your thighs. / And then have you cry for more. / He'll put your strength to the test. / He'll put the thrill back in bed. / Sure you've heard it all before." Eep. I'm shuddering just reading it. Why don't indie rockers write lyrics like that?

But music, schmusic — really, isn't buttrock about the clothes? Bre knew that rule — look at that outfit. She told us she'd been propositioned at 23rd and Jackson on her way to the club.

We're not surprised. HOT!

U.S.E. Photo by Ryan Schierling.And how about Carly and Amanda (The Catch, United State of Electronica) singing, gyrating, living Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me?" Hot and sticky sweet, indeed.

I was most excited to see who was going to choose this song as it is quite close to my heart; I think it is the only song in my record collection that is of the "buttrock" persuasion. I remember the special day I purchased it on 7" at my local mall record store. After years of practicing it in my bedroom mirror, I still wouldn't have been able to top their performance.

Yes, you're right, igDana. The women understood the importance of dance moves for the ultimate buttrock experience.

Ripley. Photo by Ryan Schierling.And let's not forget Jessie S.K of Ripley with her buttrock-tacular rendition of the Cult's "Firewoman." Jessie not only did the dance move, but also tied her scarves to the microphone stand AND brought her own air guitarist!! If that doesn't say buttrock, why, I just don't know what does.

What about the wonder-woman who pinch-hit for The Lawnmowers boys! While we had a hard time believing that the incredibly Lawnmower boys might have been — dare we say — intimidated by a karaoke mic, we totally understood why they voted to send in Lawnmowers bassist Tanner's 'ringer' wife, Holly to face the glorious karaoke stage to sing on their behalf. And you know what? She not only earned their free drink tickets, but she made it to the finals! She Axl'd it up with "Welcome to the Jungle" and made the team proud.

GO GO Girl Power!

Right, right. Now let's start the discussion of boys in buttrock attire. The eyeliner. The tight pants. The posturing. It was all the dancefloor could do to NOT split their pants in David Lee Roth air splits.

Ollie Byrd. Photo by Ryan Schierling.What a champ Ollie Byrd from Yeek Yak Aiforce was. He was the first black-eyeliner-donning fellow in the door and then proceeded to overcome adversity: namely, we didn't have the song he'd been practicing over over a month Motley Crue's "Home Sweet Home."

If there's one thing we should have learned from buttrock, it's that you can't stop rock and roll. You've gotta rock and roll all night.

Ollie clearly understood these principles. He didn't pack it in and settle for just singing some fast jangly shoe-in. He belted out a spot-on a capella "Home Sweet Home" and then launched into a smashing rendition of his second-choice song, Poison's classic power rock ballad, "Every Rose Has it's Thorn." He earned our honorary imaginary best in show prize! Congrats Ollie!

Robb Benson. Photo by Ryan Schierling.I think igLiz's fuchsia taffeta prom dress nearly fell down to her beige pumps when Robb Benson (of Dear John Letters) revealed onstage that he lost his virginity back in the day to Def Leppard's "Love Bites."

Did I mention Robb was wearing a doo-rag bandana-thingy? He was. While we didn't have the soundtrack to his de-flowering, he settled instead for the tender love ballad "Rock of Ages." Luscious.

The Divorce. Photo by Ryan Schierling.How could any buttrock cover performance rival the the Divorce show at the Crocodile last June?

Somehow Shane and Jimmy summoned their inner Kip Winger and belted out a rendition Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again" that still has me mumbling something about, "I'm goin' down… a road… I go! again! on my own!"

{ed note: igLiz, David Coverdale was the lead singer of Whitesnake, not Kip Winger. Kip Winger was like, totally the lead singer of like, Winger. Duh. ~igDana}

Is this is the song with that Tanya Cataine in the white flowy dress rubbing herself all over the car?

{ed note: igLiz, it's Tawny Kitaen. ~igDana}

Hmm… that was in 1987, right? Sorry, I was a big Crowded House fan then.

{ed note: You might remember Tawny as being in Bachelor Party with Tom Hanks? Or that she was also married to athlete Chuck Finley? ~igDana}

Divorce and Vendetta Red. Photo by Ryan Schierling.And just when we thought things couldn't get any sexier, what with that Divorce boys singing, what happens then? Goddamn Zach "my God what product does he use in that gorgeous hair" Davidson from Vendetta Red) crashed the party and grabbed the mic to duet "Wanted Dead or Alive" with Jimmy from the Divorce. How lucky were we all to witness that, and more importantly, what product does he use in that incredible hair?

Holy hell. At some point it occurred to me: we're throwing a party and Zach and Jimmy are singing Jon Bon Jovi!! Someone get me another TIG {and thanks to Frank and Adrian at Chop Suey for making our imaginary dream come true by naming a drink special after us}!

Zach Davidson. Photo by Ryan Schilering.Did anyone else hear Zach regretfully tell me that he couldn't marry his cousin igChar because we're kinfolk? I told him that I'm from Michigan — we encourage that sort of behavior there!

Lucky me!

Perhaps that was when I was momentarily stunned / terribly entertained when I caught my hugely-haired reflection in the glint of Brent from Dorkweed's awesome shiny cop reflective sunglasses. He rocked the place with his buttrock'd Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker."

Dorkweek. Photo by Ryan Schierling.Oh, plus Dorkweed gets super extra bonus points for the red Loverboy pants. Word.

Sean Moe from American School of Warsaw not only sported a faux mullet, but he did "Lick It Up" by… um, er… Def Lepard?

{ed note: NO… and Def Leppard as two "P"s ~igDana}

um… it was… the Scorpions?

{ed note: NO… actually strangely no one sang any Scorpions songs that night. ~igDana}

um… something with Kip Winger in it?

{ed note: NO! It was by Kiss. ~igDana}

KISS! No way, I can't be stupid on Kiss!

{ed note: Don't worry about it… it was late-era Kiss. Sans make-up Kiss. There is no shame in not knowing late-era Kiss… except maybe for "Lick It Up." ~igDana}

{ed note: Oh, I know that song… except I thought they were singing "Live It Up" ~igChar}

{ed note: A-ha… finally, the MTV-obsessiveness of my youth has worked to my advantage. For this issue, I rule! ~igDana}

Grr… damn, it doesn't ring a bell… but I DO know the other song that Sean performed as one of our top-five finalists. "Jump" by VAN HALEN. The vision of Eddie VH staring directly into the camera for the video of that song while he plucked that dunk dunk dunk dunk, dunk dunk dunk dunk part and smiled that "Dude, Party On" smile that he does so well is seared into my head. I remember how my older sister was going to marry him and her best friend was going to marry his brother…. what was his brother's name it was… um…

{ed note: Alex. ~igDana}

How very sweet and humble (not to mention, newly shorn and rather gorgeous) was Jon Auer when he came backstage and stated that he, "…usually plays with the band called the Posies," and requested to sing a karaoke tune.

How could this have happened, Jon Auer imploring me??

I bet he felt strangely compelled by forces he didn't understand, forces that I like to call the "Aussie effect." Namely, the scent of Aussie Scrunch spray intrigues all men. Try wearing it one night — you'll see! If they're in their late twenties or older, then you smell like every girl they ever dated in high school… if they're younger, then you smell like their babysitters. No young man can resist the allure of the Aussie!!

But I digress, there I was with JON AUER asking ME if he could sing!!! Good heavens! A happy coincidence, as just that moment I had the slip for Cheap Trick's "I Want You to Want Me" in my hand, and no one took responsibility for submitting it. Jon grabbed the mic and kicked all kinds of Robin Zandler ass, so much so that judge Matt Nichols awarded him the "Best impersonation of a rockstar" award.

Darn, why don't we have any pictures of Jon Auer singing!??

{photographer's ed note: I think I was belly up to the bar at this point. Perhaps getting SOMEONE another TIG? ~Ryan Schierling}

That was such a sweet rendition of one of my favorite "Knock-the-drainage-pipe-off-the-house-at-2am-while-dancing" songs.

Oh, wait… I have the Cheap Trick boxset in my music library. Score for me! I do have more buttrock in my collection than just the "Pour Some Sugar On Me" 7" record. Whew. I was beginning to question my upbringing.

That guy Dex Manley, the star of the Unsung movie, was awesome!! He totally took off his shirt while singing "Ice Cream Man."

{ed note: hey igChar — I'll give you five bucks if you can tell me who sings "Ice Cream Man." ~igDana}

Ooh! It's that one guy with all the hair and he always wears that half shirt and in his videos he had all those costumes!! What's his name??!?

{ed note: David Lee Roth? ~igDana}

Yes, that's him!

{ed note: OK, close enough. Five dollars for you. ~igDana}

Minus the Bear and Visqueen. Photo by Ryan Schierling.I knew that Ben Hooker of Visqueen had it in 'em. It began with his exchange with emcee igDana.

igDana: "What are you singing??"
Buttrock Ben: "Maiden… the best band EVER!"

From there he proceeded to belt out a bitchen' rendition of Iron Maiden's "Aces High" with dance-routine assistance from Cory Murchy AKA "Rico" of Minus the Bear. His wails left us screaming for more and his ferocity left us inspired. The combined effect earned Ben the judges' award for "Best Falsetto."

Now we know what can happen when you let a drummer out from behind his kit…

Ingo. Photo by Ryan Schierling.Ingrid "Ingo" Wurl — Steve the KJ regular, friend to all those imaginary, and cast member for Unsung — it's about time someone awarded that girl a prize for her pipes and sexy fashion sense! Ingo rocked the mic with a karaoke fav, Guns and Roses' "Sweet Child O' Mine" which won her a spot in the judges top five. Her finalist performance was controversial — was Journey really buttrock? — but after Ingo had her way with "Don't Stop Believin'", well, we believed.

Ingo went on to win the "best looking in a ripped shirt award." I don't think we need to explain why…

Photo by Ryan Schierling.Speaking of controversial buttrock songs, could "I Touch Myself" by the Divinyls ever be consider as buttrock? Justin Benson from Argo raised the question with his remarkably- early- in- the- night- for- so- torrid- a- song-choice performance, but before we could answer it, he belted a buttrock favorite: the good ol' "You Shook Me All Night Long." And no one would dare question AC/DC.

Randy Wood. Photo by Ryan Schierling.Only TIG-artist extraordinaire Randy "Cold as Ice" Wood could make a blue stretchy jumpsuit look so natural. And yes, we mean that as a compliment!

Randy's outfit was to die for! I wonder if this is the first time he has worn it… or if he wears it around the house… I wonder if he originally got it for a Thanksgiving dinner celebration, or to jump out of a cake… the possibilities of what one could do in that suit are endless. It was fabulous. The judges agreed, awarding Randy a special "best jumpsuit" award — not a category we anticipated for the event, but apt and deserved nonetheless.

He looked like Evil Knievel.

But he was as Cold as Ice.

I know!

Water Kill the Sun. Photo by Ryan Schierling.Speaking of costuming, Theo Craig from Water Kill the Sun went all artsy-craftsy and constructed a faux metal mask that made me want to whip out the candy corn. He and fellow WKTS-ster Gavin Gregory presented a rousing rendition of Quiet Riot's "Cum on Feel the Noize" worthy of the song title's Us and Zs.

Theo's PBR shirt… Gavin's authentic demin-ware and the moves on both boys screamed, "Cruising the strip mall for chicks."

They inspired girls rocking boys. We all got wild, wild, wild.

{ed note: Wow… Liz you're getting good at this sing-along thing! ~igDana}

Photo by Ryan Schierling.And in true Buttrock 'n Roll fashion, the night ended when the place had to turn off the sound system and mics before our final winners could be picked and our last song sung.

Just Tommy Lee would say, "Darn those pesky noise ordinances!"

Didn't the same thing happen to Pretty Girls Make Graves at SxSW??

Oh… I feel their pain!

Argo Cee-lo Downpilot From the Icy Coast Live Show Review Ms. Led NuSol Tribe Silver Surfer Tart The Fading Collection The Lawnmowers The Ruby Doe The Senate Arcade

Seattle Alki Music Festival!

The entire weekend flew past in a blur of sunscreen, fish 'n chips, and rock and roll. A few imaginary highlights, in order of appearance…

  • tart
  • Argo
  • Silver Surfer
  • The Senate Arcade
  • Ms. Led
  • NuSol Tribe
  • Cee-lo
  • The Ruby Doe
  • The Lawnmowers
  • The Fading Collection
  • From the Icy Coast
  • Downpilot


"It's time to hear what the girls have to say!"

Friday evening was chock full of good music. Post-Stardom Depression, Pris and tart were a few noteworthy groups I had the pleasure of seeing.

It was entirely too precious to be with the almost all sister group, tart, when their mother came backstage to wish the girls good luck. As I was shaking mother tart's hand I asked her if she would adopt me.

She laughed.

I wasn't kidding.

Anna {bass player} had an imaginary shirt on and it looked adorable on her. If only I had remembered my camera. The girls singing voices are so similar that their three-tiered harmonies almost sounded like studio multi-tracked vocals as opposed to three separate live performers.

There wasn't an overabundance of stage banter — they relayed their message lyricly instead. "I am a happy camper. There's nothing wrong with this world. I am the status quo girl." This song was my favorite. I dug the delivery of the harmonies, which mimicked methodical, army-like chanting — which sounded amazing and was very relevant to the flavor of the song. All three sisters spent equal amounts of time on the mics. No sibling rivalry here!

Another song incorporated breathing and screaming in the background vocals. There's something delectably disconcerting about girls dressed librarian-style playing rock and roll guitar and screaming. My whole definition of right and wrong has been disheveled. And I like it.


"All you say and all you do"

Local cutie-pies Argo provided great wake- up- and- let- the- sun- roll- out- from- behind- the- clouds music. Their smooth indie-rock sound turned heads young and old from on their Saturday sidewalk stroll, curious for a peek at the band. They just sounded so good to the scent of salt water, combining mellow feel-good rock and kick-start pop as seamlessly as they switched instruments {which they did throughout the set — with every member but the bass player playing everyone of the other instruments, including the mic. Yow!}.

I liked that none of the band members were trying to "outrock" each other. They took turns, like good little boys. They reminded me of Ben Folds Five, with great volume changes in each song and nice variety. And pretty guitars.

I can't wait for their CD release party October 29th at the Crocodile.

Silver Surfer

"Got a crush on you {what am I to do?}"

"This stage kicks ass. It's a trampoline!" proclaimed Silver Surfer, bouncing up and down on the stage to kick off their amazingly-energetically-pop-tacular set of wah-wah-peppy supersongs. Their bright melodic pop in the breezey sunshine was creamy like an avocado — soft but substantial, hearty and moist, and it doesn't taste quite like anything else. Plus, it's all kindsa good for you!

Silver Surfer's name obviously evokes the beach, and their live sound (as their Seattle Alki Music Festival bio suggested) was reminiscent of Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys — only minus the gloom and Brian Wilson nutterness. These guys sounded clean, pure, and happy, without simpering. They're sterling {ouchie, bad pun}.

For another orally-fixated metaphor: sounded like bubblegum, only minty-flavored, not pink — they're clean and crisp, and make your whole mouth feel fresh, without the obnoxious gum-smacking bubble-cracking nonsense.


The Senate Arcade

"Do you think you can touch me, over and over?"

The Senate Arcade. Photo by Ryan Schierling.The first time I saw the Senate Arcaders in action was in a confined space where ear plugs accompanied each beverage purchase. It was a traditional rock venue, but made it difficult to sift through and process the multi-levels that make up the Senate Arcade.

I actually could hear their lyrics and harmonies. Those boys can sing! They played chunky alt-metal without the annoying masturbatory lead guitar known to that genre.

Yeah, I felt like I could hear them better here, outside, then I'd ever been able to hear them in a club. It's like there was finally room for their sound to stretch out. Their sound was reminiscent of At the Drive In, only with harmonies. Todd Schlosser's earnest piercing vocals soared over waves, and they made a whole lotta good noise for a trio {must be the bass playing lead vocalist}. I liked their anthemic rock lyrics ("I need to reconstruct"), all oh-so-serious like trio Rush before them. And they have a song featured on an up-coming Xbox game. Neat-o!

Most importantly, these boys have a new CD called Vitamins Taste Like Dying. If any of this trivia sounds intriguing to you, I'd advise you go buy it! I sure like it.

Ms. Led

"Because I said so"

Ms. Led — Strong Enough for the Man, but Made for All Women.

Damn, I wish I had written that {it's the title page of the band's web site}. Damn damn damn. Bear with me; I fear my imaginary words might not prove adequate to describe this band, this fantastically bad-ass 75% girl band that rocked my mid-afternoon {and my world} with their questionably punk-rock but definitely blazing rock set.

Singer/guitarist/diva Lesli "Roxy" Wood gyrated and tossed her hair, making the gesture one of fierce femininity and power. Ms. Led were like that — females who could be sexy and gorgeous because they just are, without pretense or loss of credibility. They're not Miss Led, they're Ms.Led {and trust me, if you get it wrong, they're gonna let you know!}.

The band featured Roxy's clean husky voice and two lead guitars for a densely rich indie-rock drive, with enough pop-sensibilities to smile along. They didn't squeak like some grrl rock bands — they're wiser (wyser?) than that. In fact, they didn't sound particularly like a girl band, and I found it hard to pinpoint exactly who they sounded like. While PJ Harvey was an obvious comparison, Patty Smith might be closer approximation of the flavor. And yes, like Sleater Kinney (but doesn't every girl rock band get compared to them?), down several octaves. They had incr
edible show(wo)manship, in an understated, no nonsense way. This band simply soared through their set with grace and confidence.

I love it when the only guy in the band plays bass. And I liked the double meaning in the band name. Woman take the foreground, bass player meekly in the background, for a total gender stereotypical flip.

Ms. Led have something to say and they were onstage saying it. One question though: when does she breathe? It takes a lot of energy to strum like that and scream and not breathe…

NuSol Tribe

NuSol Tribe. Photo by Ryan Schierling. I arrived to Alki Beach to the first song of the NuSol Tribe set.

It was the perfect way to start out the festival. Their- one- love- magic- of- the- mother- earth- father- sky- outdoor- groove- love- got- me- in- the- mood- for- my- full- day- of- outdoor- activities. Their sound is in the vibe of the goodness of one groove under the sparkle un sol.

And me without my boa!

Um, right. What Liz said. They certainly earned the "tribe" status portion of their nomenclature, as the stage was suddenly a-flutter with sunshiny hippie-groove-worldbeat-ness sounds and 10-plus members ensconsed as they were in boas and glitter and feathers. It was zany and weird and wacky, like Burning Man came to life on Alki beach, and the crowd went wild. Or that is, we thought the crowd went wild. We hadn't seen the wild to come, what with the arrival of the next artist, Cee-Lo


"Closet Freak"

Cee-lo. Photo by Ryan Schierling. When we first saw Cee-Lo was on the bill I did a double take. Cee-Lo? The guy from Goodie Mob who sold over a million records? The Atlanta hip hop sensation with the tattoos who is like, famous on MTV and stuff? The crowd reacted accordingly, shifting from cute little indie-day at the beach to an NBA-sponsored hip-hop fest as fast as igDana could say, "Who's Cee-Lo?" The beach swelled with folks standing on garbage cans and blocking walkways to get a piece of the hip-hop action.

But that's where our knowledge of Cee-Lo ends and our last minute Cee-Lo-fact-gathering begins. Here's what we know:

  • The sorta-Seattle-based TV show Dark Angel featured a Cee-Lo single, "Closet Freak" back in April. Isn't that nice?
  • According to the official Cee-Lo web site, Cee-Lo will be airing some original poetry on HBO's Def Poetry Jam. As the site says, "It's all original Cee-Lo poetics, and as any fan of the man will tell you, he always comes with some next level ish! Don't miss this one, for real!" So… that's good!
  • He has a tattoos of his son on his right arm and "REVOLUTION" in old-English text across his back, among others.
  • He is a Gemini.

And igDana interviewed him. She's the one who asked to see his tattoos. Go imaginary journalism! But seriously, if you want to read a real interview of Cee-Lo from the event, check out this one from our new friends at

The Ruby Doe

The Ruby Doe. Photo by Ryan Schierling.It takes a special kinda indie-rock band to follow-up the Cee-lo mayhem and our pre-set imaginary onstage banter while filling the minutes before the set {How many pirate jokes can one expectant crowd take? Ugh, we don't wanna talk about it…}. The ever-sonorous Ruby Doe had the dubious distinction of "sharpest- transition- of- musical- styles- of- the- weekend" and pulled it off with great aplomb.

The Ruby Doe pummeled us with their "Helmet-ized" no-nonsense rock for a good 50 minutes without pausing for a breath of air between songs. They seamlessly glided from one dense rock song to the next — with an effortless melding of harmony and testosterone, they nailed all the high hit points from their Dream Engine Blue release (hint: all the points are high ones on this release!). They ended the set with their immaculate signature cover of Motorhead's "Ace of Spades."

I am ashamed to admit, The Ruby Doe had me singing the "Ace of Spades" for the remainder of the day. I finally stopped fighting it, gave in and proceeded to pull everyone down with me by getting it stuck in their heads too. In fact, as I'm typing this, it's reinfecting my head.

The Lawnmowers

"I'm not the idiot who takes photos of the clouds."

The Lawnmowers. Photo by Ryan Schierling. For some time now I've had "Catch a Lawnmowers show" and "Purchase the Lawnmowers CD" on my list of to-dos. Their songs are just so catchy and charming and smart and clean.

And now to see them live… I experienced their one-of-a-kind blending of their spiffy Value Village fashion sense with their sensible smart melodies that gave the Model Rockets a run for their money. It was a fitting end to a sunshine-clad and exhausting day. They were as comforting as my favorite black hoodie.

The Lawnmowers. Photo by Ryan Schierling. Frontman Andy Davenhall seemed at once part Robyn Hitchcock, and part Philip Seymour Hoffman — Robyn for the gifted story-teller songwriting and enunciation (tho sans the accent, of course), and Phillip for the quirky wit, the coloring, and the offbeat vintage sportscoat.

The Lawnmowers are a superband if Seattle ever had one, boasting members from Sister Psychic, Dodi, and Sycophant. The band formed to fulfill the dying wish of Andy's friend and former Sister Psychic drummer, Ryan Vego, who left songs for Andy to record in his suicide note. Strange that a band that originated from such heavy circumstances could sound so poppy and uplifting. Strange in a "I really really REALLY like this band" kinda way.

I thought it was interesting that yes, they are quirky and upbeat, but their songs also have a sense of maturity and comisseration of the everday. If you could date a band, these are the guys that I would want to take home to meet my parents. They would easily impress my mom with their knowledge of state tax laws and then chat with my stepdad about their latest Home Depot projects. They are cute and witty and smart and, I bet, know how to start a barbeque.

And even though the
y had already one me over, they solified their place in my heart with the line, "Texas has the biggest bugs / the cheapest beers, and the strongest drugs."

They also executed the best whistling harmonies I've heard since the theme of the Andy Griffith show. They were so comfortable onstage they could make you forget that some folks need to depend on image.

With their dual front man stage bantering and slap stick lyrics, I was getting a TenaciousD flavor from these boys. But they were a little more mature than TenaciousD. They're TenaciousD for my parents. And they write catchy songs for smart people.

The Fading Collection

The Fading Collection brought a new bouquet to Sunday's lineup. With their eerie vocals, they added a surreal mysticism to the beach. Their sound is borderline Tricky with a smidge of Supreme Beings of Leisure. This trip hop duo {with special reappearing guests} was formed by Sarah McCulloch and Matt Frickelton. A little seagull told me that Sarah and Matt are engaged.but that is, of couse, hearsay.

://">Downpilot From the Icy Coast

While watching From the Icy Coast load their equipment on stage, I was intrigued. Their bio listed Prodigy as their musical flavor, but their attire screamed Marilyn Manson. 30 seconds into their first song I was getting definite Gravity Kills vibes. Their slower songs {I use slower very freely here} were reminiscent of Depeche Mode. Who says the beach has to be bright and happy? Come on, we live in Seattle. Bring on the dark!


Oh, sweet Downpilot! What can I say about you that I haven't said before? Your use of violin is tasty, your melodies are smooth like butter on hot bread {can you tell it's approaching lunchtime?} and you fill my soul with chocolate. Um, I mean, longing.

{you can eat… I mean, read more Downpilot here.}