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Saturday March 5th, Three Imaginary Girls had another guest appearance on KEXP's local Northwest music show, Audioasis. Then igLiz went and got the flu and pneumonia two days before. Luckily, imaginary film and theater critic embracey was at the ready, filling in with his witty banter.

{Side note: this was the *worst night* in indie-rock history for Liz to be out-of-the-loop. Not only did she miss her KEXP appearance, but she also missed the CD release show for her favorite local band, Math and Physics Club. Such sadness, and totally not fair. Meh.}

Lisa Wood was as fabulous as ever, and we had a blast watching the live in-studio performance by the Cops. All in all a fabulous evening, and we're eagerly anticipating our next appearance on April 2nd!!

Here's our setlist, teeming with some of our favorite local imaginary tracks of the moment. If you want to hear the songs (and hear us prattle on with Lisa), click here to visit the KEXP Streaming Archive, and select March 5, 2005 at just after 7p to hear our set.

So without further ado, our setlist:

7:07 Kuma "Melodic Interlude"
TIG have been huge Kuma fans, and with the addition of a live drummer to their electronic sound, both their live and recorded work has grown exponentially. This song is from the up-coming debut full-length Fast Colliding. Get more details about the CD release show that TIG is sponsoring on April 15th.

7:11 Arkade "Ghosts That I Know"
Lujo Records' band Arkade just released the macabre The Story of Hiding. We like it. So we played this song. Pretty cool how that works…

7:16 Magneto "ISA"
We weren't sure how to pronounce the song title ("I.S.A."? "EE-sah"? "Aye-sah"?). But we sure do love this lush pop song by Magneto, from their latest release Sounds Like Space.

7:26 The Pale Pacific "Identity Theft"
From the forthcoming EP Rules Are Predictable on Sidecho Records, local imaginary favs the Pale emerge with a new moniker: the Pale Pacific. Apparently, there were already bands in Ireland and Germany named the Pale, so they had to change their name. After all, no indie-pop fan should rule out international stardom for these fellas. Their new EP releases in early April, and they've got a CD release show scheduled with Dolour, the Charity Stripe, and Crosstide at the Crocodile on April 2nd.

7:30 Daphne Loves Derby "Closing Down the Pattern Department"
Char found this band at the suggestion of her boss' teenager daughter. Daphne Loves Derby consists of teenagers from Kent. And they've already played South by Southwest. So ambitious! We can't believe we've never heard them before. This song is the title track from their Closing Down the Pattern Department EP. Learn it and love it; impress your teenaged friends (or your friend's teenagers).

7:34 Tennis Pro "Imaginary"
At the risk of sounding self-congratulatory… dude, it's SO COOL we have our first theme song! We've been hearing Tennis Pro play this one for about a year at their live shows, and we're beyond honored that "Imaginary" will appear on their next release, Cassie's Junior Varsity Make Out Squad on Cake Records. Thanks boys, xoxo from the phantom hotties.

7:43 Hafacat "Beautiful Amnesia"
Lisa Wood and all three imaginaries agree: we are all members of the Rachel Flotard fan club. Visqueen fans are gonna FREAK when they hear this track from Rachel and Ben's old band Hafacat, recorded back in 2000 with Barrett Jones. Thanks to Pete H. for this track!

Thanks for listening — more coming on April 2nd!