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Join us as we say goodbye to one of the Kirkland Teen Union Building's best interns, Katie Nguyen, who will be graduating this year and going off to live the college life!

Ms. Nguyen has been booking fantastic shows at KTUB for seven months, and is even hosting the increasingly popular Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground on May 17. Incidentally, she is also Imaginary Kiku's dear, dear friend, and an all around incredible person. In June, she'll be moving off to college and ending her booking internship, and as a celebration she's hosting a fantastic final show.

Friday, May 23, say goodbye to Katie and enjoy the musical stylings of TIG darlings BOAT and Young Sportsmen, as well as Mighty Giant and the Prawns, up-and-coming talents from the Eastside.

I know it takes quite a bit for Seattle folks to make their way up to the Eastside, but trust me, we're really pretty nice. KTUB is a great organization promoting all-ages in Kirkland and all throughout the greater Seattle area, and it will miss its lovely booking intern dearly. Come out and enjoy the show, see some great bands, and wish good luck to Katie, who will be bursting onto the Seattle music scene soon!