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Poster by Imaginary KikuSomehow I lost a day in my countdowns but my god, it's only two nights away from TIG's Inauguration Day Party at Chop Suey with Ed Wang, Benjamin Bear, Friday Mile and H is for Hellgate. Two nights!?!

I'm going to write about one band each day until the big event (which I booked to coincide with my upcoming thirtieth birthday).

Benjamin Bear is an excellent, two-piece indie rock band from here in Seattle with Mychal Cohen on vocals and keys and David Stern on drums. They came across my radar through bribery and alcohol – and I am sure glad they did.

I've loved their 2008 album Lungs quite a bit, especially piano-driven song "Russ". It's a catchy, Ben Folds-ian pop song with dark lyrics but an upbeat melody.

Here's the video to another song I really loved, "God Damn Thing".

Enjoy and I'll see you all on Tuesday night!

Benjamin Bear plays TIG's Inauguration Day Party at Chop Suey with Friday Mile, H is for Hellgate and Ed Wang on Tuesday, January 20. 21+, $7.