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On Friday afternoon I finished reading Donald Spoto's interesting (but ultimately disappointing) study of Alfred Hitchcock and his relationship with his actresses, Spellbound by Beauty, and I was thinking a lot about my favorite Hitchcock film, Vertigo, over the past few days – and when I walked past Cinerama Saturday night, what movie do I see on the readerboard, playing Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next two weeks?

Cinerama is showing a restored, 70mm version of the masterpiece. I can think of few things more luscious than seeing the radiance of Kim Novak on a 68' screen. I saw the film when it played at the Grand Illusion last summer – and was very pleased to see it on something bigger than my television set (and not on VHS) but I'm positively giddy over the chance to see it in this environment.

The schedule is as follows:

Special screenings scheduled: Sunday, Jan. 18 & 25 @ noon; Tuesday, Jan. 20 & 27 @ 8:00pm; Thursday, Jan. 22 & 29 @ 8:00pm

Here's the trailer for this restored version of the film: