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Woo hoo, we're at ONE WEEK and counting till our sixth birthday party, an Exile in {Imaginary} Girlville tribute night (that also celebrates the 15th anniversary re-release of Liz Phair's incredible debut, Exile in Guyville. In case you haven't heard, the night will feature nine of our favorite local bands covering Exile in Guyville from start to finish (including Throw Me the Statue, Team Gina, Star Anna, Tennis Pro, Lucy Bland, M. Bison, Tea Cozies, Tennis Pro, Rachel Flotard of Visqueen, and Lesli Wood of Ms. Led.)

While trying to determine my favorite track from the record, I ended up getting myself lost in YouTube-ville, and found some true gems: live video footage for EIG songs. I looked for as many as I could, with the best audio and video quality possible, and came up with these three (natch, our favorite number).

First up, here's Liz performing "Fuck and Run" from 1995:

And here's Liz performing "Divorce Song" in 1996, at Tower Records:

And finally, here's Liz performing "6'1"" on tele waaaay back in 1994. Ignore those way-too-loud-and-distracting backup vocals from the drummer, and I think we have a winner here:

Those are my three favorite tracks. How about you — do you have some awesome live footage from Liz to share? If so, embed it in the comments below pretty please.

And of course — PLEASE join us next week for our Exile in {Imaginary} Girlville party, at Chop Suey on June 25. You can get your tickets right here.