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As we blogged about a few days back, local punk-pop band Shorthand for Epic is breaking up — or at least shaking up — their lineup. The band made an announcement earlier in the week that the show tonight would be the last for its current lineup, with their bass player and drummer both (most amicably) parting ways with the group.

Tonight will also celebrate SFE drummer Stormi King’s birthday… and as a special bonus, Ms. Led will be recording a video for their song “New Agenda” as well.

And did we mention that the entire show is FREE??? Yes, all that fun, and you can save your money to pick up the tab. Help Shorthand for Epic celebrate the end of an era, and get that good lookin’ face of yours documented on YouTube with the hot ladies (and gent) of Ms. Led (have you seen their hairstyles lately?? FOXY!).

Ms Led