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Sleeping in the AviaryOne of our collective sleeper-favorite-records-of-the year has to be Oh This Old Thing by Madison, Wisconsin’s Sleeping in the Aviary {review}.

With the charming lo-fi hooks of the Thermals More Parts Per Million, the self-deprecating wit of Art Brut (sans the accent, of course), and the straight-ahead rockout cause you can sensibilities of the Buzzcocks, the Libertines, the Kinks… too much? Maybe a little, but we’re seriously into this record, and we’re THRILLED to be able to catch them on this tour (the last time they came to Seattle, we were away at SXSW).

Betsy Boston saw 'em play in Boston back in May and had only praise for the band's energetic live show. The band plays live at the Sunset tonight, with The Goes Theres and The Stript. Check them out, and let us know what you think!