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A very necessary, but no less sincere happy birthday should be extended to Hannah Levin, author of the must-read “Rocket Queen” column in the Seattle Weekly every week, co-owner of Gainsbourg and host of KEXP’s Audioasis program – and, all-told, she was my favorite music writer in Seattle long before we ever met several years ago and, of course, still is. Tonight, Levin is celebrating her birthday with a kick-ass show at the Sunset. Rock writers’ birthday shows are always a great time (see here and, uhh, here) and this one is certainly no exception. Levin has booked a great night that promises to be “ear-bruising” with loud rock bands Helms Alee, The Ruby Doe and The Keeper. My favorite local hip hop group Dyme Def was recently added to the lineup as well, which makes perfect sense because they always know where the party’s at.

This starts at 8:30, which means it starts early, but don’t forget your earplugs – and money to buy a shot for the best music writer in the northwest.