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In the few months since I've been a TIGer, nary a Boston band I know well has dropped by your corner — until tonight! Boston duo Big Digits (one of whom is actually a Seattlite originally) are playing a dance party that sounds wicked wicked wicked* fun. B illed, in fact, as "The Most Fun Dance Party In Town" on its MySpace, I have to believe they people behind Ruff Gemz are telling the truth because Big Digits, in their mask-wearing laptop beat-making dance-fevering glory, put on a show that's off the effing hook. Info from Big Digits' MySpace below:

Big Digits

June, 20 2007 at Baltic Room at RUFF GEMZ
1207 E Pine St, Seattle, Washington
Cost :

from the Stranger Blog: Ruff Gemz is DJ Fucking in the Streets, DJ Porq, and Sam Rousso's new vehicle to move rock kids' asses to unpredictable sounds. Happening the first and third Wednesdays of the month, Ruff Gemz hopes to achieve this noble goal by testing the Baltic's dope sound system with electro, mutant disco, punk funk, rock remixes, and some weird tangents to keep you off-balance. Plus, $1.50 PBRs and $3 drink specials. (Baltic Room, 1207 E Pine St, 625-4444. 9 pm, free till 11 pm, $3 after, 21+.) DAVE SEGAL


$1.50 PBRs? Free till 11 pm? Hott beats? Sign me up!
Well, except I can't go. But YOU can!

Here's a sample Big Digits lyric, from "Hey Birthday":

So you think that you can model for American Apparel
But you get your fashion sense from Perry Farrell
This ain't a party, it's a LOSER-palooza
And I've heard better music from John Philip Sousa

And now, nine seconds of Big Digits:


*That's New England talk for 'extremely'