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blue scholars poster. from myspaceIf you've been faithfully reading the imagiblog this week, you already know Seattle's Blue Scholars are #1 most added hip-hop artist on CMJ this week. AND their new records Bayini debuted (that's right, DEBUTED) at #32 on the CMJ hip-hop chart.

{Imaginary aside: A little insight on the titling of their new album, Bayini is a nod to Geologic and Sabzi's (the duo behind Blue Scholars) communities, as the word Bayani can be found in both the Tagalog (Filipino) and Farsi (Persian) languages. In Tagalog (Filipino), the word translates to "heroes (of the people)" and in Farsi, "the divine word."}

For those of you who can't wait until the show tonight to listen to the new album, they've posted a couple of tracks on their MySpace page (North by Northwest and Back Home)

Come tell the boys congratulations in person tonight at the Showbox. It's going to be a stellar show.