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Bright Eyes. Photo by Ryan Schierling.Today's the day people!

I know, like me, you've been counting down to tonight's performance since the last time Conor was in town (on March 11th at the Showbox to be precise). Since then, our guy has had his latest album debut at #4 on the Billboard charts as well as had rumors circulate re: his levels of inebriation.

Regardless of fame, success, or overindulgence, tonight's show is going to be glorious–Conor never disappoints. We've all had enough time to memorize the new album (for swaying-along purposes) and flip through the back catalog to figure out which songs we can telepathically hope he'll play tonight.

Now let's all cross our fingers that there wont be a repeat of what happened last night at the BRILLIANT Jarvis Cocker show (more on that in the coming days): A fellow show goer, who was stationed flush up against me at the front of the stage, sang along with Jarvis Cocker throughout the entire show. People, people, people. Promise we'll all play nice and show a little common courtesy tonight?

About 8 more hours until Conor… counting down…