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Three Imaginary Girls Winter Spectacular 08

{Photo: Jeanine Anderson from the Three Imaginary Girls Flickr Photo Pool}

I heart Star Lake Drownings and still glow with honor that they played my birthday party year before last. Our Andrew Boe nailed it when they are a cross between My Bloody Valentine and Belly… and, from personal experience, they put on a show full of coy melodies and entrancing reverb. Looks like they are opening tonight for The Charity Strap and The Endeavors (celebrating their album release) at the High Dive.

Bobby McHugh recently caught Parson Red Heads (playing tonight as part of their month-long residency at the Comet with Battle Hymns) and his photos from their last show make a strong case to head that way tonight as well.

Last I heard the Satchel show at the Crocodile was *this close* to selling out… anyone get tickets to that?

Where are you headed tonight?

Still undecided? Per the imaginary calendar, there’s quite a bit to choose from:

  • Solas, Triple Door*
  • Moon Duo/Du Hexen Hase/Midday Veil, Rendezvous
  • Blue Turtle Seduction/High Ceiling, Nectar
  • Swollen Members/Potluck, Neumo’s {free}
  • Satchel/With Friends Like These/Stuck On A Bus, Crocodile !
  • Parson Red Heads/Battle Hymns/Landlord’s Daughter/Pillow Army, Comet
  • Stellar Om Source/Pacific City Nightlife Vision Band/Brother Raven, Gallery 1412
  • The Charity Stripe/The Endeavors {album release}/Star Lake Drownings, High Dive !
  • Chris Corsano/C Spencer Yeh/Wall Shoup/Bill Horist, Sunset
  • Penesis/Manos De Plata/The Plaid Perspective, Skylark
  • Aaron Gates & Toddly Ma Boy/Chris Staples, Mars Bar
  • Juno What, Tractor
  • Hakai/Riot In Stereo/Lefthead, Funhouse