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I don't remember a show going through as many lineup changes as this one. Brazilian band Bonde do Role was quietly replaced on the bill by a band called Busdriver; Matt and Kim said last week that they couldn't make it to Seattle this time and the posters and ads stopped mentioning Natalie Portman's Shaved Head as recently as last week. Yet, this show has every indication that it will rock.

While the supporting acts may have changed, the headlining band hasn't: Brazil's dance punks Cansei de ser Sexy, or CSS. While I have yet to see the band live, the self-titled record is full of well-constructed beats and catchy (and funny) dance numbers. With songs like "Meeting Paris Hilton", the band is fully aware of the celebrity culture in the US and strikes a delicate balance by living comfortably in that world while maintaining its indie credibility (Sub Pop put out its record). One of the biggest examples of this (and what I'm most looking forward to in this show) is the mash-up of Jennifer Lopez and Sleater-Kinney called "I Wanna Be Your J-Lo" (see below).

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the band has a few more shows in the US then it heads to Europe to tour the continent opening for Gwen Stefani. You get the added bonus of getting to say you saw CSS before your friends who listen to Top 40 radio, along with the good feeling that comes with supporting a worthy cause – this show is a benefit for Noise for the Needy as well.