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Socially conscious amongst us unite! The kind folks at The Stranger have teamed up with Real Change to Rock for Real Change.

Through Saturday (May 20th), select Seattle music venues will be hosting shows that will benefit the homeless and poverty advocacy and organizing non-profit Real Change.

As you can imagine, The Stranger has coordinated with a whole slew of great line-ups (the fundraiser started with last night's Tiny Vipers show) and tonight there're two shows to choose from. Our choice for the evening is the Kristin Hersh show at the Tractor. The night is going to feature the sort-of Seattle-ite (she called Seattle home for a few years) beckoning her inner chanteuse with tangential lyrics and seductive guitar chords.

The remainder of the fundraising week features heavy hitters like RJD2, Ben Gibbard, and David Bazan participating with his brilliant Rock for Real Change effort.