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From marytimony.comIn terms of indie-cred, Mary Timony has quietly established a very impressive resume. Some highlights include that she was the lead singer of the influential band Helium, formed the band The Spells (with Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney), and has a successful solo career. Her records have appeared on Matador, Lookout! and now, her latest album, The Shapes We Make was released last month on Kill Rock Stars.

She's always sung about dark subjects with a soft-spoken, unassuming voice. However, she's only seemingly soft-spoken (because her voice appears soft and her first solo records were whimsical). The latter two, 2005's Ex Hex and the new one, The Shapes We Make, are anything but whimsical or gentle. They are solid rock and roll records full of power-chords and a steady, powerful drumbeat.

Living on the east coast, Timony does not make too many trips out this way and The Shapes We Make is one of my favorite records so far this year making this show very highly recommended.