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Photo by Jason Tang

In the days and weeks after Bumbershoot, the question of “who was the best act you saw [during the three day festival over Labor Day weekend]?” came up often and my answer was always Raphael Saadiq. The soul singer’s two sets I saw (one being in the KEXP music lounge) were incredible to watch. He was backed by a tight (and sharply dressed) band playing some of the most irresistable funk and soul you’re likely to here. He sounded sincere both when singing in lust like during “Let’s Take a Walk” and paying tribute to victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

I’m also quite excited to see Anjulie, a future¬†pop and R&B superstar whose single “Boom” is one of my very favorite songs of the year. She was also a pleasure to interview.

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{Photo by Jason Tang.}