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Tonight's recommended show is a celebration of my favorite non-TIG music website in town. Gary Miller and his Seattle Powerpop blog have turned me on to so many great powerpop bands over the past 365 days or so that it isn't even funny.

Tonight his blog turns 1 and he's assembled some fine bands to celebrate. Even better, each of the six bands on the bill will be playing a cover of another loved local band. The lineup so far is:

Midnight — Sgt. Major, paying tribute to: Young Fresh Fellows, Model Rockets, The Sonics and The Fastbacks
11:25pm — Dept of Energy, paying tribute to: Harvey Danger and/or Western State Hurricanes
10:45pm — Shake Some Action, paying tribute to: The Heaters
10:10pm — The Small Change, paying tribute to: Green Pajamas
9:35pm — Andy Werth, paying tribute to: The Color Bars
9pm — The Knast, paying tribute to: Screaming Trees

I'm especially excited to hear Shake Some Action! cover the Heaters (Seattle's first powerpop band), but really you can't go wrong with any of them.