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Walking to Werner plays through July 5th (daily showings at 7 & 9:15 PM) and captures the tale of filmmaker Linas Phillips' tribute to icon Werner Herzog who once walked 500 miles from Munich to Paris to see his dying mentor, film historian Lotte Eisner. Inspired by the great director's approach to life and art, local filmmaker Linas Phillips decides to walk all the way from Seattle to Herzog's house in Los Angeles.

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WALKING TO WERNER is a funny and inspiring first-person account of his struggles, encounters, questions and revelations during his journey. The trials of walking alone along treacherous highways, the personal stories and encouragement from the roadside characters he meets, and a message from Herzog himself transform the pilgrimage into something bigger than a tribute to his mentor. Along the exhausting trek, Phillips begins to see the world — and himself — for the first time.

The documentary captures beautiful West Coast landscapes and weaves Herzog's observations about life, dreams, cinema and "ecstatic truth" into Phillips moments of childish wonder, hysterical madness, crushing doubt, and enlightened triumph. This remarkable personal film is ultimately beyond description; it blends art and life, exploring an unknowable truth while revealing something of the spirit of searching and the true meaning of journeys, big or small. Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2006 Seattle International Film Festival.