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Even though the snow didn't stopped the two previous nights of The Cops' Rock and Roll Circus at the Sunset, it did for the final night (and what could have been the final Cops show).

From an e-mail the band just sent out (emphasis mine):

Cops faithful,

Tonight's show with Spiral Stairs, The Sea Navy and Wallpaper has been cancelled due to the blizzard in Seattle. The last night of our Rock n' Roll Circus, and our last scheduled show before our hiatus has been postponed to Saturday March 14th. We'll keep you posted on the details of the rescheduled date here. Ultimately, we do not want bands and our fans risking the travel in this fucking horrible weather. It is a bummer, but we plan to make it up this March. Maybe mother nature is trying to tell us she doesn't want us to go on hiatus! Thanks for your support and we hope to see you at the show in March.

The Cops

I guess it's refreshing that final Cops show was pushed back another 3 months and that Mother Nature is a TIG reader.