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Directly from Jeremy Enigk's Myspace:

OK Bear CD Release Party

Jeremy will be playing a show at Neumo's in Seattle on 5/14/09, commemorating the highly anticipated release of his 3rd full-length album, OK Bear. A 15 PIECE ORCHESTRA will accompany Enigk on this historic night.

Tickets can be purchased at Moe Bar, select QFCs, Rudy's Barbershops, or online at TicketsWest.

I, for one, absolutely cannot wait to see this show. A 15-piece orchestra??? Holy shit! I love Jeremy Enigk because his work and performance are so raw and personal.

Tracks from the long-awaited new album are all over the internet already, including Enigk's Myspace and Pitchfork. From what I've heard so far, we're in for a really impassioned performance. I'm looking forward to hearing "April Storm" (new) and "Cannons" (old) and hopefully some Fire Theft & Sunny Day Real Estate stuff thrown in there as well.

And what's with this rumor about this show actually being a SDRE reunion? I'm not buying it…But you won't know unless you come check it out for yourself!

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