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Rachel and Ben of Visqueen photo by Laura Musselman
{Rachel and Ben of Visqueen at TIG's 69 Love Songs show in 2008. Photo by Laura Musselman}

Visqueen recently announced that, after more than 13 years of making us merry, they are going on an indefinite hiatus with the close of November, 2011.  Although I agree It's totally fair for them to want to put down their guitars and sticks after such an amazing run, I have to admit it's really sad to think about imaginary life without the hope of ever seeing another Visqueen show (last shows listed below – get your tickets now!).

This got me reminiscing about all the amazing moments Three Imaginary Girls has had with them since our beginning nearly 10 years ago. It's a natural fit that as Visqueen shot to the forefront of the Seattle music scene, we were there in the front row basking in their glow.  All that superfandom has resulted in about 80 Visqueen posts over the years and more than a few "most memorable moments of my life" and, of course, a Top 5 Imaginary Visqueen Moments list!

About a month after we launched Three Imaginary Girls, we posted this review of the July 3, 2002 Visqueen show that pretty much set the tone for the website. We {gush} talk about Kim Warnick, they cover a Tom Petty song, and Kim gives away a pair of tickets to see the Who that weekend{/gush}.  We should have mentioned it more pointedly, but huge thanks to Pete Hilgendorf for telling us about Visqueen in the first place.

Photo by Ryan Schierling2. THE DINNER ROLL INCIDENT
During the show, Kim broke a bass string.  Ben jokingly threw something into the crowd.  One person next to me said it was a potato, but it felt like a wiffle ball.  At that moment, a story that has been repeated 100s of times between Dana and me was born.

3. WE OFFICIALLY BECOME STALKERS (Visqueen even said so)
About seven months into our show-going adventures, we hit the Mayor of Visqueen mark on Foursquare.  Having one of your favorite bands acknowledge your fandom, thanking you, and then asking you to stop… that's an honor!  We officially made our point: yay for Visqueen!

Photo by Ryan Schierling4. BEN HOOKER SINGS IRON MAIDEN
It was September, 2003 and the second TIG event we ever put on, a Rockstar Buttrock Karaoke Party. We knew that Ben Hooker of Visqueen had it in 'em, but his rendition of Iron Maiden's "Aces High" (with Cory Murchy of Minus the Bear) earned him the award for "Best Falsetto."

Rachel of Visqueen and Piglet, Kurt B. Reighley - photo by Nate Manning5. TIE:  VISQUEEN COVER MAGNETIC FIELDS / LIZ PHAIR
We know it kills when Visqueen play their own songs, but when they take on some of our favorite songs by other artists, we shed sparkly rainbow tears. In 2007, we hosted a 69 Love Songs cover night and the band covered "Washington, DC" (with back up cheers from the ladies in the audience who were pulled up on stage).  The song ended with a cuddle from Piglét, France's greatest porcine illusionist (aka writer Kurt B. Reighley) and one of the cutest photos ever taken (thanks Nate Manning!).  

How could that moment be topped, or at least tied?  How about Rachel singing "Fuck and Run" and Visqueen performing "Mesmerizing" at our Liz Phair Exile in Guyville cover night in 2008?  Yes, that happened and it was as amazing as you imagine it was. Why that wasn't videotaped, I don't know… I think we were all too busy singing along and wishing the moment could last forever.

Beyond the dozens of great songs Visqueen wrote and thousands of brilliant shows they performed, on the internet side of things, from 2003-2007 Rachel dolled out love advice on Three Imaginary Girls in her column, "Love is Hard with Rachel Flotard."  As you can imagine, Rachel gives the best love advice. There are so many classic lines like:
"Since when did Capitol Hill become Cold Mountain? Pine Street is about two bloody bandages away from a fuckin full scale Civil War reenactment."

"You could host a simple dinner party with sparkling wine and fake a heart attack while cutting their food. They will bond over trying to save your life as you spring back to consciousness."

"ATTENTION, unless you are David Lee Roth, please call after you're done with practice? Because it's really annoying and your band sucks."

Go back and read them to find *your* favorite!

And, most importantly, get your tickets to see their last couple performances before they sell out (because tickets WILL sell out).

11/19The Paramount with Rainn Wilson (Charity Event for Mona Foundation)

11/26Visqueen Fare Thee Well Performance at The Neptune
ALL PROCEEDS are donated to Youthcare and Northwest harvest.

And don't forget about the non-show, Visqueen stops around town:
11/13 – Rachel & Ben will guest-DJ on (Mrs.) Megan Seling's Locals Only radio show (107.7 fm)
11/18 – Rachel and Sherman Alexie will read at The Hugo House's Hugo House Literary Series

Now that we can put our calendars away, what have been your favorite Visqueen moments?