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For your reading pleasure, here is the original email I sent to John Richards on May 29, 2002

Top Five Reasons why all KEXP fans should boycott the Trachtenberg Family Slide Show Players:

  1. They proclaimed their Saturday night performance as an "anti-KEXP rally," that was, "staged as a direct protest to the John Richards sponsored 'Christfest' down at the Showbox." (note: the show in question was Pedro the Lion — who aren't exactly getting played at midnight mass).

  2. The crooked hand-written dissertation on the white board walking into the establishment that stated, "KEXP is a pulpit for born again folk rockers to the exclusion of 100s of great Seattle bands. They are on the take (PAYOLA)." (I swear I copied this down VERBATIM, sadly).

  3. Before the slide-show, folk-singer Jason Trachtenberg played the opening back for his own show with a song that proclaimed, "John Richards is killing this city. John Richards is killing this world." (note: at this point our table of morning faithful girls started booing and hissing said performer).

  4. Jason's white board continued onward and revealed his motive: "We have a poingent (sic) message that contradicts their message. Their message, as stated above, is Christian Folk and Hillbilly – nice job Don and John." He then continued on to encourage everyone to boycott the upcoming pledge drive. (grrrrrrrr!)

  5. During the show, he proclaimed that he was packing up the wife and kid (who is adorable, just BTW) and moving to New York. Apparently, he gets no support from Seattle, because KEXP won't promote his shows or play his songs. (note: this KEXP fan then went so far as to HECKLE fer chrissakes – "They promoted this show!" – as I clanged my coffee mug into the bin and stormed out – "Maybe they don't play your songs because THEY SUCK WITHOUT THE SLIDES." Geesh!!!!

Anyhow, I don't know if you want to give these guys publicity by posting this list, but I wanted to let you and the amazing folks at KEXP know that you're promoting a show that attacks you! It apparently continued on and on after I stormed outta there too. 🙁

I just thought you'd want to know – I know if someone were berating me like that, I'd want to hear about it from someone who cared.

Hope I didn't ruin your day. I am eternally grateful for all the amazing new music I know because of you and all the fine folks at KEXP. You rule!!!


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