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Nana Grizol Ruth

I am fairly certain that imaginary keenan and I have created an airtight case to get yourself to the Vera Project on Tuesday {1/19} to see Nana Grizol {exhibits one, two, three, four}, but here are a few more reasons to get you and your posse there:

The last time Nana Grizol were in town the group of us stationed in front of the stage danced ferocity with joy and then teared up because the show really was as good as we dreamed it would be.

– The vinyl version of their new (second) album, Ruth, will likely be for sale at the show. Bypass that annoying shipping cost!

– One of my favorite bands of 2009, iji, is also on the bill.

But, what might be the most compelling reason to get you and yours there, is a sampling of some of my favorite tracks from their brand new album Ruth:

One of the album’s softer tracks that will surely quiet the crowd with it’s dream-state contemplative vocals.



This video gives a good idea of Nana Grizol’s frenetic Athens, GA-style energy and bashful yet beguiling presence.  They are the kind of band who’s live show reminds me of why music has changed and saved lives.


So, um, I’ll see you at the show?