Three Imaginary Girls

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Last night I had the huge honor of joining the fine peeps from Tullycraft in their practice/recording space to sing some backup vocals for their forthcoming new release (which, if I'm not mistaken, will be released on Magic Marker Records early this Fall). Joining us were members of local bands Patience Please and BOAT and a few other imaginary pals, and together we provided backup vocals for three new songs.

While I can't reveal *too* much about the new record, I can say it will have a VAMPIRE theme, and that the three songs I heard were as delectably hook-filled and poppy as any tune you'd expect to hear from the amazing Tullycraft…. and yet, still vampire-themed. For reals.

The third track we recorded had the insanely catchy refrain "If you take away the makeup, then the vampires, they will die." The band has performed the song live several times (including at the TIG SXSW 2007 showcase, much to our delight!), so of course someone has posted it to YouTube. Here it is for your listening and viewing pleasure (this version was recorded at Subterranean in Chicago back in February 2007).

We imaginary girls are no strangers to Tullycraft backup vocals. We also loaned our dazzling vocal skills and handclaps to a couple of tracks on their last release, Disenchanted Hearts Unite. I had no idea there was video of the event on YouTube, however, until just now. See if you can spot the imaginaries in the singing crowd!