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iPod Roulette is a new column on TIG, one where imaginary writer Erik Gonzalez writes about the first song that his iPod chooses for him each morning. We like to think of it as your daily imaginary affirmation.

This morning's song was "Trying to Put Your Arms Around the World" off U2's Achtung Baby. In the write-up, Erik proclaims, "Secretary General Bono and the lads haven't really made a good song in quite a few years…" and continued on to say that, "many people I knew hated it (Achtung Baby) when it came out."

I expect that for some, those are fighting words. I'm of the belief that anything post-Joshua Tree is a waste of my eardrums (but that Joshua Tree and earlier is some of my favorite music of all time). As I mentioned earlier this week, I also particularly dislike the song "One," which only exacerbates my dislike for Achtung Baby. And isn't this the song where Bono's lyrics plummet to the level of 1970s feminist slogans when he sings, "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle"? I expect more from Bono.

What are your thoughts on U2? What are your thoughts on feminist propaganda? What are your thoughts on iPod Roulette? Inquiring imaginary minds want to know.