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There are Kickstarter campaigns galore, but I want to bring your attention to one that I think is MORE than worthy of your donations: the Northwest Film Forum needs to make the leap to DCP conversion, because eventually, whether we like it or not, 35mm is going to be gone for good. So, to help make sure NWFF can show as many new films as possible, and keep this amazing piece of Seattle film community going, they need to raise $50,000 to get new technology, as well as modernize a few other things. 

Where will my money go? 

— A Barco Integrated DLP Cinema projector (aka DP2K-10Sx)
— A Server for storage and playback, a high-grade cinema lens, a spare xenon lamp. This unit is specifically designed for art house theaters our size.
— A Universal projector pedestal, with a modular system that will allow us, on occasion, to still project 35mm films.
— Ventilation and lamphouse cooling system in the projection booth.
— A new port window cut into our projection booth to match DCP specifications.
— Shipping, installation, and new cables.

What about 35mm? WILL IT GO AWAY?? 
Fear not, my film-loving friends, you will have to pry the NWFF's projectors and reels from their cold, dead hands. From the press release I received: 

"Our hearts will always beat a little faster when we see a 35mm film, and we will play that pretty format as long as it is available and until it fades entirely," says Lyall Bush, the Film Forum’s Executive Director. "The equipment we need to show digital images will be an investment in our future; with it we can keep serving Seattle audiences and filmmakers around the world.” 

What do I GET? 
Um. The satisfaction of KNOWING YOU HELPED THE SEATTLE FILM COMMUNITY. *ahem* But also, it's Kickstarter, so there are perks ranging from free passes to memberships to nifty T-shirts. Gawd. 

Seems like a very good thing to throw my money at. How 'bout you?