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I love fall. And I REALLY love October, because I LOVE Halloween. I’ve got two boxes full of costumes and decorations that I’m constantly adding to, my pantry is full of everything pumpkin spice, and my DVD shelf is lined with 100 or so horror flicks. And the best thing about all this is: I am not alone.

Seattle has a ton of spooky goodness happening over the next few weeks, so I wanted to highlight just a few of them.

This Is Halloween! A Live Music, Cabaret, Burlesque and Film Spectacular
{10/26-10/31 | The Triple Door | $30 adv/$35 day of | 21+ | click here for show times}

Of all the Halloween things, a Tim Burton-themed burlesque show seems the Halloween-iest! And “a spectacular smorgasbord … inspired by “The Nightmare Before Christmas” sounds like a super-fun to spend an evening. Plus, it’s at the Triple Door. I LOVE THE TRIPLE DOOR.

Scarecrow Video presents the VCR That Dripped Blood
{10/27 | Grand Illusion Cinema | 9pm | $8 GA, $5 member}

A compilation of rare horror VHS footage culled from Scarecrow’s archives, featuring blood, special F/X, nudity (!!!), general mayhem … and Alice Cooper. Of course. I can’t even express how completely awesome this is gonna be, you guys.

Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film
{EMP Museum | part of the $20 admission price | Open daily 10am-5pm}

I could spend hours in this exhibit, because I love, love, love looking at all the awesome horror movie props, and listening to Eli Roth, Roger Corman, John Landis and more talk about their favorite horror films. They just swapped out some stuff and added a BtVS spell book and the scary flying metal ball from Phantasm 2—and the Scream booth is SO MUCH FUN. If you haven’t been yet, you need to go. And this month is the perfect time to do it.

Nostalgic Horror Flicks at Central Cinema
{$6 adv/$8 day of}

Scanners in Hecklevision 10/22, 9/30pm
Scanners is one of my favorite Cronenberg flicks, and is worth seeing just for the head explosions—not to mention the glory that is Michael Ironside and his deranged crazy eyes. I can only imagine Central Cinema’s Hecklevision will make it even more fun.

Silver Bullet 10/24, 7pm
Aw. I mean, it’s not like Silver Bullet is scary, but how can you resist tiny Corey Haim running in fear from werewolves? Bonus points for Everett “Big Ed” McGill playing a creepy Reverend, and Gary Busey as Uncle Red.

Scream 10/26-28 (and 10/29 in Hecklevision), 9:30pm
Scream is still scary. No really, it is. Williamson and Craven crafted a solid horror flick that holds up with one of the best opening sequences ever filmed. I’m sure that last performance in Hecklevision will work too, especially if they make serious fun of the only thing I don’t like about this movie: Tatum’s (Rose McGowan) garage door demise.

The Lost Boys 10/26-10/29, 7pm
A classic! And so so so so much fun. The Lost Boys features a leering vampire Keifer, a broody Jason Patric, and Corey Haim (again!!!) in the biggest shoulder pads ever, and a great supporting cast, plus an awesome soundtrack and gore. See also: the reason I beg my boyfriend to go to the Santa Clara Cruz boardwalk every single time we visit family down there. How do you like those maggots, Michael?

Other suggestions:
I love me some haunted houses and corn mazes! There are a ton around the city, but I suggest driving a bit to get to Stalker Farms in Snohomish for their Field of Screams, The Last Laugh (featuring killer clowns) and a paintball Zombie Hunt!

Or … if you’re in a musical mood and like a little comedy with your horror, The Addams Family musical is playing at the 5th Avenue from 10/24-11/11. (I have a weakness for Morticia and Wednesday, so you might see me there).

What are you planning to attend that I missed?