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Guys, I'm an idiot for not telling you about a few things earlier:

1) August is VHS MONTH at Scarecrow video!
2) Scarecrow Video now has a screening room
3) VHSpresso (located within Scarecrow) now sells BEER to the over-21 crowd
4) Grand Illusion Cinema is showing VHSentric documentaries

YES. You too can relive the pain of having to actually rewind your favorite movies before watching them again! And the stress of denting your collector's clamshell packaging, removing a stuck tape from the player without tearing it … plus the excruciating, sometimes years-long, wait for a film to move from "rental price" to "sell-through" so you can buy it without forking out over $100!!! 

I know, I know. Some of you have no flippin' idea what I'm talking about. But even if you don't, you should head to Scarecrow and the Grand Illusion this week to learn more about the ancient times of VHS and reinforce how easy we all have it now with DVDs and Blu-rays. 

IN addition to showcasing its VHS collection in the screening room all month long, Scarecrow is having an amazing VHS Swap Meet this Wednesday, 8/21, from 5:30pm-9pm where you can buy, sell, and swap tapes with the makers of Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector (also playing at the Grand Illusion on Tuesday, 8/22 at 9pm). Scarecrow also has a second round of their VHS Box Art show going on, and you can bid on those boxes and take them home if you win! Last time I was wowed by the Twin Peaks VHS box art — can't wait to see what they have going on this time. 

And from 8/30-9/5, the Grand Illusion will screen a second VHS documentary called Rewind This!, a film about the format's rise to glory. How awesome is that? 


Follow @ScarecrowVideo on Twitter and like their Facebook page for updates on what's playing daily in the screening room plus special events! AND @GIcinema has a Twitter and Facebook page too. I LOVE both of these businesses so much. I want everybody else to love them too.