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Dear Rachel,

Call me shallow, but I respect and value the opinion of beautiful rockstars more than that of my mother's. Am i wrong?

Question — A cutie in a bar gives you their phone number after a fine few hours of conversation. How long to wait until you call? One hour? One day? One week? One season? What's the standard accepted time-frame for the follow-up call?

Help me do the right thing here,

Waiting With Phone In Hand





Do you feel it in your gut? Do you think she felt it in her gut?

Traditionally, next day is fine. But think about it, who wrote the damn rules? Follow your feelings, they can never truly be wrong. Women love retards. Don't worry about jackass factor, relax and call. You want to and you should.

Make your own rules and be confident. You're obviously smart AND foxy. What's the worst that can happen? She sucks and isn't into you? Info you need anyway!

Go get her dear, then introduce her to mom.




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