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I am going crazy trying to decide what to do this Saturday night. One of my very favorite new bands, The Redwood Plan (featuring the incredibly awesome Lesli Wood and the awesomely talented Jamie Hellgate) is playing KEXP's Audioasis at the Sunset at 8pm. (Erik Blood opens the show at 6:30, too.) Their EP is due out soon and it's four tracks of heavy dance power pop bliss.

BUT a mostly-complete recollection of The Walkabouts is also playing, at the High Dive, at exactly the same time. I thought for sure I could see one as the early show, and one later, but just to drive me nuts they're both booked for early evening.

The Walkabouts (under the for-this-event monikerDrunken Soundtracks) show is of special notice, as it is a benefit for BF Elementary School's music program, and their usual bass player is temporarily replaced by Paul Austin from Transmissionary Six (drummer Terri Moeller has always been in both). Yet the band will be playing all the aggressive but sophisticated alternative rock goodness which made them exceptional to both grunge and roots bands sharing their milieu through the 90s and into the new century.

The festive atmosphere of The High Dive seems like a wonderful place to reencounter the superb songwriting skills of The Walkabouts, under their pseudonym for this night. And now I realize that they're probably headlining, after Seeing Blind and the Randy Hicks Band, which means I can probably see Redwood Plan first and then head like hell over to Fremont to catch Drunken Soundtracks.

Do you have any scheduling conundrums this weekend?