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There's two opportunities to enter into indie-rock history this Saturday — or at least have a lot of fun dancing around and listening to great music by Ms. Led (for those in Seattle) or the Thermals (for those in Portland).

If you're in Seattle this Saturday (October 13th):
Ms. Led will be shooting for their video for "New Agenda" during their show at the High Dive. They'll be filming throughout the set, but primarily, they'll be focusing on the audience during the middle part of "New Agenda." (It's the part that goes "I wanna hear the people sing, yeah yeah yeah yeah, I wanna hear the people say no more, no more"). Here's video of a live version of that very song that Dana shot at last weekend's REVERB festival.

If you're in Portland this Saturday (October 13th):
The Thermals will be filming a video for their song "Returning to the Fold" which will be directed by Whitey (he directed their video for "A Pillar of Salt" a while back). Your role in the video will be "chaser" — specifically, The Thermals need people to chase them down an alley (like we've never done that before, eh?).

Meet in front of Ron Tom's bar (at East Burnside and 6th) at 2pm. All ages are welcomed and they'll need you for a couple of hours. Wear hatever (hmm… an imaginary shirt might look nice running down the road?).

I love all the Thermals videos, but since we mentioned it, here's The Thermals' / Whitey's video for "A Pillar of Salt" Watching it makes me want to dress in white and get all messy.