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What the hell?

Apparently she is writing music for the new 90210 show. (Thanks P4K)

The CW television show that resurrects the beloved 1990s teen soap opera premiered this week, bringing a whole new generation of rich Beverly Hills high schoolers into our lives (and proving that Shannen Doherty's career may come and go, but Brenda Walsh is forever). And the original music behind the trials and tribulations of said high schoolers? Why, it’s being provided by none other than Liz Phair. Man, talk about a 90s revival.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Chicago Tribune and other sources, Phair is one of the three composers behind the score for "90210". This isn't her first foray into television soundtrack work; as previously reported, she is scoring the CBS show "Swingtown".

That's not all… check out her amazingly unfunny and weirdo video.

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