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There's a ton of stuff hitting local theaters this weekend, but I wanted to call your attention to a smaller release that's worthy of your hard-earned dollars. Namely, Silent Souls at SIFF Cinema (note: this is the NEW SIFF Cinema, at the Film Center, not the one located in McCaw Hall).

This Russian story of love, loss, and friendship screened earlier this year during the Festival, but I missed it. If you did too, here's a second chance to watch a stunningly beautiful film with strong performances. In a nutshell: two best friends go on a journey to lovingly dispose one of their wive's remains — apparently a common occurence in the town they're from. What follows is a striking, heartfelt film dotted with bright, and at times surreal, imagery. Overall it's a great (and thoughtful) way to spend 75 minutes of your time.

Silent Souls starts screening tonight, 10/14, and runs through 10/20. $10 general admisson | $5 for SIFF Members