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Weezer have announced details about their next album (release date June 24, 2008) and get this… the album is going to be self-titled! Yes, for the third time in their six-album history, they will go all self-titled, and round out their primary color scheme theme (having done blue, green, and now red).

I'm still debating whether they jumped the shark with the "Beverly Hills" video (or if that was done way before that), but we can only hope that the Rick Rubin sessions breathe life into them like a new REM album. Although, with a lead off single titled, "Pork and Beans" (to be released on April 22) I've got to admit I'm a *little* nervous.

Has anyone tracked down a leaked version of it yet? What do you think?

Here's a sneak listen / video of "Pork and Beans" — Um, did he just sing about Rogaine?