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photo by Waltzcore

I fell in love with Jonathan Richman's songs in high school. A dear friend had loaned me her copy of The Modern Lovers and it stuck like glue to my cd player. I couldn't get over how amazing the songwriting was, how catchy the melodies were. I was just beginning to form my opinions about pop music, and it caught me at the perfect time. For years, I never really branched out to any other Jonathan Richman recordings, while my friend dove into a deep obsession (even naming her car Jonathan Richman).

It took me several years, but I finally started delving into the godfather of twee pop's solo work. I've never seen him live before, and I've heard many strange stories (a friend told me that he didn't speak the entire show, even when she went up to introduce herself). I can only imagine how much he'll rag on the people eating dinner during his set. The show is sold out, but according to the triple door, you can still get standing room spots if you show up early. Please go see this legend. You will not be disappointed.  

Photo by Waltzcore