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Man, Sasquatch really beat me to a pulp: an awesome music-filled, sunburned, exhausted… totally rad pulp! Highlights of my weekend musically were: Of Montreal, Heartless Bastards, Animal Collective, King Khan & the Shrines, among others.

There were some surprises, like Jane's Addiction performance (more on that later), Passion Pit's charismatic frontman and smaller bands like AA Bondy really proving their right to be there.

All in all, Sasquatch 2009 was a pleasant sensory overload. I think this is the first time I've ever said it, but I think I'm going to lay off the music for a day! Back in the saddle tomorrow….

So, what did YOU think of Sasquatch 2009? Any zany stories, opinions about performances etcetera? Gimme the scoop!