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I finally added Twitter mobile a couple of weeks ago and haven't looked back. It turned out to be a great way to send dispatches from the desert craziness of Coachella Music Festival when I wasn't around a computer for hours and hours. (And when I was near mine, I was usually "under the influence." Maybe that would have made for good reading; however I'm betting I'm not as witty as I think I am in that condition. Unless you are in the same spot, in which case we are a riot!)

I used Twitter to send dispatches to peeps and also to remind myself of what I liked and who I saw. It turned out to be pretty handy, despite the 140 character limit. It forces you to be concise. Here's my timeline according to Twitter:

4.26.08 2:43 pm: Backstage yesterday during Busy P’s set and onstage for Adam Freeland’s in Sahara tent. Off the chain!

4.26.08 5:05 pm: MGMT is a must see when they get to sea-town. Boys Noize was great, but it was better seeing him at Chop Suey. Kate Nash next.

4.26.08 10:16 pm: Just caught a little Glitch Mob by happy accident.

4.26.08 11:47 pm: Prince is signing a downtempo Little Red Corvette.

4.27.08 4:54 pm: Spotted the Hoff!

4.27.08 6:52 pm: Spotted: Kellie Osborne and Billy Idol. Not together.

4.27.08 10:18 pm: Autolux sounded great. Metric was ok. Simian Mobile Disco brought it good.

4.28.08 11:11 pm: Joshua Tree Nat’l Park was amazing today! Just got back after having a late dinner at Las Consuelas’s – a Palm Springs institution.

4.29.08 1:59 pm: Leaving sunny 87 degree weather. Morning started with a swim in the pool.

4.29.08 5:23 pm: Back in the NW. sorted through massive amt of pics while in the air. Big memory card is good, but…

4.29.08 6:13 pm: Brrr. Putting pants on for the first time since Wednesday.

4.29.08 9:57 pm: Trying to decide what to write about first: being onstage, the house party with Freeland, or the wedding on the VIP grass.

Twitter on your mobile can be bidirectional if you would like to see updates from selected friends when you are away from your computer. I've set up Twitter to send a text message to my phone when a selected friends add an entry to their Twitter timeline.

Twitter is a dang handy way to stay connected with your peeps, particularly if you set it up for mobile updates. It is helpful too when you can't take physical notes. (Say, because your pen was confiscated or something like that.) Give it a try. Alas, if you set up Twitter to be used on your mobile, first make sure you are on the unlimited message plan.