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Darren Hanlon {from his presskit}

{photo from Darren’s press kit}

It is my pleasure to announce that Australia’s unbelievably talented and charming pinball champion/songsmith Darren Hanlon will be joining us in our fair city on Friday, November 13th at the Fremont Abbey! You may have caught Darren when he opened up for the Magnetic Fields on the i tour in 2004 (which happened to be where I fell in love with his songs myself). His songs are beautifullly penned stories, sometimes sad, sometimes silly, and often feature a “punchline”, just as you’re about to succumb to weeping on the floor. Here’s a video of one of my favorites of his, “The Unmade Bed” from 2004’s Little Chills.


Not only are his songs amazing, but his live shows are hilarious and wonderful, often filled with stories. He’ll be joined by Vancouver’s Rose Melberg (the Softies/Go Sailor/Tiger Trap). Her voice can make me spontaneously burst into tears, whether it’s a beautiful lullaby or a tale of love gone wrong. Here’s a video of her performing “Irene” from the Softies’ Holiday in Rhode Island.


And, to round out the charm of the evening, The Special Places (Corianton and Jenny from Tullycraft) are opening. If you missed their “once yearly show” opening for BOAT a few weeks ago, you’re in luck with another rare opportunity to see them!

And, to top it all off, we have a pair of tickets to give away! E-mail by Thursday at 9am with the subject line “WeOnlyTouchedElbows” (all one word please), and please include your full name, especially if your e-mail address is something like See you at the Fremont Abbey!