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Maserati played a stunning set with Sleepy Eyes of Death and Mono just a few weeks ago. I vividly remember my friend and I discussing the compelling drummer at length. He was utterly amazing. We were lucky we were there.

Unfortunately, drummer Jerry Fuchs fell down a broken elevator shaft Saturday night (11/7-09) in Brooklyn. He died early Sunday morning at the age of 34.

Fuchs also drummed for !!!, Juan MacLean, Turing Machine and Vineland.

Chunklet (Fuchs was a contributor) has posted a lovely, sad obituary. The Village Voice’s Christopher R. Weingarten summed it up succinctly when he wrote this morning, “Jerry Fuchs was that totally fucking amazing monster drummer you saw play in at least one show in the last 10 years–it could have been with Maserati, Turing Machine, !!!, or the Juan MacLean, as he completely decimated his hapless kit and mesmerized everyone no matter what band he was in.”