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{Photo Credit: The Heavy’s MySpace page}

I think my pupils are now heart permanently shaped. Have you ever heard a band that turned you into a Tex Avery wolf 30 seconds into hearing a track? If my tongue could fold out into stairs, or I could smack myself in the head with a giant mallet without serious traumatic brain injury, I’d do it. The Heavys are that good. These soulful South Western UK residents come from a place called Noid, which, if you remember your pizza trivia correctly, should be a thing (or in this case, place) to avoid. Not so, apparently.

Touring on the virtually perfect The House That Dirt Built, The Heavys are what would happen if Curtis Mayfield, Joe Tex, Otis Redding, the Dap Kings, and TV on the Radio got into a mud wrestling match. The result- dirty, sexy soul with spectacular, juicy bass, bright bursts of brass, and tight, rhythmic percussion that will send chills up and down your back. Elements of blues, garage rock, soul, and punk come together like the Power Rangers to form one magnificent rumble.

Are you a fan of thigh shakin, back breakin rock and roll? Do you wanna wolf out (but not in the Michael J Fox / Jason Bateman fashion)? Enter to win free tickets to see the Heavys on 10/30 at the Crocodile from your benefactresses and benefactors of booty droppin here at Three Imaginary Girls. It’s as easy as falling asleep at a John Tesh concert.  All you have to do is drop us an e-mail at, and put the words “howyoulikemenow” in the subject line and send it to us before Thursday, September 29th at 9:00AM.

If you don’t feel like making a horse’s patoot of yourself rocking out to these guys too hard at the show, get it out of your system by checking our their website or their MySpace page. Listen early and often, and please, for the love of your fellow concert goers, leave the giant mallet at home.