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We know, we know. Tomorrow's show at the Croc isn't just about Say Hi — in fact, he'll be opening the night up for Grand Hallway, who's got the mid-lineup slot before Wye Oak takes down the evening headline-style. However, here at TIG we loves us some Eric Elbogen, so much so that we'd like to give some tickets away to a pair of lucky Say Hi fans who are planning on getting down to the show for the whole thing, first moment to the last.

PS, if you haven't heard the latest Say Hi effort — a little something called Um, Uh Oh — here's a few notes about it from our friends at Barsuk:

Um, Uh Oh is weary and blue-noted, revealing, personal and pained and there’s expressiveness in his performance absent from previous releases. The narrators in the songs repeat the same mistakes over and over again. They watch joy from afar. They anticipate mortality. They hide their mortification from others as best as they can. In fact, it’s difficult to fathom that the same songwriter that once wrote the sugary frivolity of the early Say Hi material could have written such a mature collection of songs.

Convinced enough to get to the show on time? Yep. We are too. So if you'd like to go on our dime, send a love note to us at tig {at} threeimaginarygirls {dot} com with the subject like BetterWhenTheWintersGone. We'll pull a pair of winners today at 5p and notify you via email that you're on the guest list with a +1 for tomorrow. Piece of cake, right? Right.

We'll see you at the show!

{$10 / 8p / 21+. Advance tickets available here. Say Hi photo courtesy of Jenny Jiminez.}