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Some sentences are more satisfying to type than others.

‘Shearwater is playing at the Triple Door this Thursday’ is one of those sentences.

So, let’s do it again: Shearwater is playing at the Triple Door this Thursday. (Wasn’t that fun?) And we would love to give you the gift of experiencing this one-of-a-kind performance first-hand with us — so we’re giving away two tickets to one lucky imaginary reader! Yes, we’re talking to you! So, act fast and drop us an email to sometime before 9a on Wednesday, with the subject line ShearwaterLovesYouBack. We’ll choose a winner at random, but you’re sure to score some bonus points by including a note about why we should pick you, how much you love Shearwater, and any awesome-slash-embarrasing “I carried a watermelon when I met Jonathan Meiburg this one time” tales.

In the meantime, check out this rad NPR Tiny Desk Concert with Shearwater, courtesy of our pals over at YouTube:


We’ll see you at the show!