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If there is one thing I love in this world, it's brilliant merchandising. If there's room for a second thing for me to enjoy, it would be getting e-mails from Live Nation about Amy Winehouse. By some coincidence, those things intersect with this inspired piece of marketing that found its way into my inbox this afternoon.

Live Nation is offering a "Double Trouble Combo" that includes Winehouse's forthcoming live DVD, a pint glass, and an ashtray for $30. As they explain it:

Make it a really enjoyable evening! Pint glass holds 16 (US) fluid ounces. Ash tray has 4 notched snuffers and is 3 ½” square.

A beer glass and ashtray with the name of the star that has very publicly battled addiction for much of the year may seem like it is in poor taste. It's not. It's just clever product placement. If they start offering syringes with Winehouse's name on them, well, that's another story.