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A Brent Amaker and the Rodeo show is always a debaucherous event. Last time I saw them play, audience members were baptised by the Man himself with more than two trays of whisky shots. They lined up and had a shot poured down their throats. It was wonderful and excessive all at once.

And now they're finding a way to one-up one of their shows by hosting a costume contest for their 6/13 Noise for the Needy benefit show at The Comet. The details as I've been told are:

During their last show at the High Dive, a group of "super fans" (calling themselves the B.A.R. Brigade) showed up with cap guns wearing masks and cowboy hats.  The leader of the group (Kitchen Dick Jones) contacted us following the show and expressed his interest in making his fan club the next "Kiss Army".  He set up a Myspace page and is planning on bringing fans together worldwide:

Building on that, BAR is promoting a costume contest that anyone can participate in, during their Noise for the Needy benefit show on June 13th.  They will be giving out Rodeo CD's, T's, and other swag to the best costume and the best photo following the event.  For those less prepared, Kitchen Dick Jones will be at the event with masks and cap guys available in exchange for a small donation.

The directions are:

1. Upload your photos AFTER June 13, 2009

2. Sign in at to the Rodeo's flickr account here
User ID: brentamakerandtherodeo
Password: (we're still working out the details – more info soon!)

3. Click on the little arrow next to “You” (under the pink “r” in the flickr logo) and select “Upload photos” from the drop-down menu.

4. Put your name under the photo you submit as a credit. You're on your own at this point.

5. Go nuts! Lewdness and creativity will be rewarded. Quality is way more important than quantity.

This is what a BAR "baptism" looks like (although the last one I saw wasn't quite as orderly):